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Welcome to the group, lilblue! I hope you enjoy. :P

It had been quite some time since Jessica last set foot in the Cloud Garden. While some things resonated in her memory, some others appeared quite different from her recollection. Either way, there was a tranquil atmosphere in the air around her; each breath of the fresh air felt like a treat to the lungs. A warm summer breeze swirled around the riverbank where Jessica stood along with her Pokemon. A quartet of small Grass-Typed Pokemon accompanied her; a Chikorita named Hoshiko, a Sweaddle named Iris, and a Petilil named Lilac looked up at their trainer expectantly while a Budew named Lance seemed more interested in the Starline River that bubbled calmly downstream.

Bending down in order to interact with her young sapling, Jessica gave Lance the choice of selecting where the five of them would embark on their adventure in this familiar yet different land. Lance sniffed the summer air, catching a whiff of the passing breeze that blew off the lake. There was something sweet in the air that smelled of pollen and fruit, and upon further inspection, Jessica’s map seemed to indicate there was a garden not too far off to the north. Another hazy wave of nostalgia wafted past Jessica as she remembered something similar in her past.

Satisfied with his decision, Lance boldly led the way while Jessica, Hoshiko, Iris, and Lilac followed behind the Budew towards the Rose Garden. As they arrived, the garden itself was quite exquisite; rows of hedges and beautifully decorated flowerbeds seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. The garden itself looked like something one would expect to find at a palace or castle, but there was no royalty that resided in the Cloud Garden. This garden was in fact a gift for all of the residents of the quaint Galea Town and visitors of the Cloud Garden to enjoy. The original architect no longer lived here, but it remained as her love letter to her favorite travel destination.

Taking a look around the entrance of the garden, Jessica noticed that there was a buzz of activity in the air. A number of volunteers who helped out in the garden seemed to be preparing for some sort of event. A flyer posted on the signpost at the entrance described a festival of flowers including a promise of fun activities to take place. Seeing as the timing was perfect, Jessica and her Pokemon proceeded into the garden to check things out.

As they gazed up and down the rows of flowers, a soft melody seemed to fill Jessica and her Pokemon’s ears. Deciding to investigate the source, the group walked about the area until the song grew louder and louder. However, the closer they got, the more apparent it was that the melody was off-key. When they finally got close enough, they spotted a small gathering of flowers practicing a Lucky Chant in order to bring prosperity and good fortunes to the coming festival, albeit practicing was the key word.

Upon closer inspection, the flowers weren’t entirely flowers as there were an array of tiny white pixies sitting on top of the flowers singing their hearts out. Before them hovered another little green fairy with a long flower-covered tail. Her body seemed to be waving back and forth, matching the wavelength of the melody. The little white pixies on the flowers sounded off their notes, fa, so, la, ti, before there was an abrupt pause and conductor came to a halt. She had a concerned look on her face. It was now up to Jessica whether or not she wished to ascertain the source of their troubles.
OoC - Thanks for the welcome, Furi!

The five followed the fresh fragrance, blowing on the summer breeze as they traveled beside the babbling brook, which wound back and forth like a mischievous serpent, twinkling with temptation to trip and tumble into its cool, inviting waters. Recalling both Iris and Lilac had once done just that the last time they visited such a similar fairytale fountain, she kept a careful eye on their footing to ensure they stayed close to shore, and didn't wind up taking another dip in the drenching pool.

Meanwhile her Budew boldly led the way to sounder scenery, diverging from the river's route as they redirected towards the garden, away from the turgid torrents of the mountain's waterfall base. Their effervescent companion seemed to almost wave goodbye, bidding the party farewell and safe passage before continuing on its own journey, slithering up the mysterious mountainside to scale its lofty heights, vanishing into the cloud canopy above.

The group carried on their way to the greener side of the pasture, attracted by its aroma of pollen mixed with peace. As they entered the enclosure, their eyes widened at the magnificent sight, marveling at the dutifully maintained hedges (many trimmed into a myriad of impressive shapes, carefully crafted to simulate Pokémon themselves) and flowerbeds in full bloom. Beauty blossomed all around them, a garden truly fit for a queen.

A volunteer abruptly brushed past them then, seeming busy with helping his associates aid in setting up some kind of event. Jess was too shy to try to interrupt and ask what they were preparing for, but luckily a flyer posted near the entry answered most of her questions: A festival was to soon be held, which was in fact a royal bout to determine who was best suited to represent lady Evangeline's memory, the "fairest of them all" - and thus be crowned the true flower queen of the land.

As if on cue, another assistant handed her a sign-up sheet, and Jess quickly glanced to her comrades for confirmation before keenly filling out the form with her and her partners' names. The sheet also seemed to include a strange survey at the bottom, and after mulling for a minute, marked down her decisions. Passing the paper back to the attendant, he bowed to politely thank her for her interest in participation, before bustling off again.

"Well then," Jess turned to her compatriots, "Shall we take a look around while we wait for them to finish setting up the festivities?"

A chorus of agreement rang out, and so they set off on a march through the maze. The exquisiteness of the area took their breath away, all manner of exotic specifies of flora flanking their path, likely imported from around the world. Jess felt like Alice in Wonderland, having been whisked away to a fairytale dream after all.

She was suddenly snapped out of her reverie by a song - one that, for lack of a better word, felt mildly "off" in the same manner she had experienced upon first arrival to this locale. She glimpsed each of her escorts in turn: Hoshiko and Lilac, being the most musically inclined, had noticed the off-beat rhythm off the bat, and while the former had presumably plugged her hearing holes with her vines, the latter unfortunately had no such appendages easily available, and so Iris patted her poor pal in consolation. Her most recent recruit was in a similar situation, wrinkling his nose with repugnant distaste for such an aural assault to his eardrums, the tops of his twin buds twisting together tight in agony.

Despite their shared discomfort, curiosity got the better of them as they determined to investigate the source of the singing, each putridly pitched note growing more pronounced as they progressed. A decomposed composition.

Eventually they came upon a gathering of what appeared to be tiny white pixies floating on flower stems, an image that again felt eerily familiar to Jess, reminding of the time she had brought Link and Mary to watch such a similar performance (only of a more visual movement persuasion, thankfully). Again, that ache of unfulfillment stabbed at her breast, for she could not even recall how that magical evening had ended...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary... She mused to herself to distract, thinking that the Mareep might indeed enjoy a frolicking foray through another flowery field, but given how sheepish she was around strangers and crowds, Jess wasn't sure now would be the best time to introduce her to so many new creatures at once.

On that note, there was a strange being she herself had never seen before hovering in front of the orchestra, apparently attempting to (unsuccessfully) conduct the melody. It looked like some sort of green sprite, with a long tail extending from its back, upon which a number of colorful clusters were weaved, resembling a garland wreath or lei (like the daisy chains her younger sister used to make for her). A rich scent of sweetness wafted from its petals, which shook in time to the tune.

As said so-called "harmony" (more like a harpy's wail at this point, a mythical banshee's scream rather than a lovely siren call) strained to attain the high sharps, reaching a shrieking crescendo that could shatter glass, all the unanticipated audience winced and covered their ears to defend against the audacious audio (to the best of their ability). Cringing at the cacophony as well, the chromatic critter in charge coughed and cut the concert short, grimly shaking her head with an expression of clear concern. The fae fidgeted nervously, rustling in evident frustration at their inability to get it right. It was obvious their "practice" session wasn't going very well.

Hoshi and Lilac tutted, taking pity on the pathetic choir. The Chikorita pulled out her own ocarina, while the other took Iris by the leaf, eager to lend their expertise by example. Lance likewise had little love for anything "ugly", and wished to rectify the situation as well, joining Jess as he nudged his somewhat reserved Trainer towards the fairy folk to bravely address them:

"Ah, excuse me..." Jess rubbed her neck awkwardly, always uncomfortable with initiating conversation even to nonhuman kind, let alone be so brazen as to correct their methods - but Lance's stern look rooted her to the spot. "I couldn't help but notice you all seem to having some trouble... Is there anything we can help with?"

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