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As her Skitty’s first Pokemon battle neared a close, Elka cheered Mochi on with words of encouragement. Pascal joined in, mewing out excitedly for Mochi to hear. Mochi mewed back and smiled happily between heavy breaths as she attempted to catch her breath and prepare for another round of battle. As the Fearow looked like it was about to unleash a finishing move out of sheer desperation, Elka honed her focus on the task at hand and thought up a strategy for Mochi to counter it. Mochi listened intently to her trainer’s plans and steeled herself for whatever the Fearow would bring next.

Flapping its wings, Fearow cawed loudly and took to the air. As Mochi took a step back and readied herself, Fearow tucked its wings and plunged forward, spinning rapidly. Fearow connected with the earth, kicking up soil in every direction while its Drill Run drew ever closer to the small Skitty. Mochi took a deep breath and bellowed out her best Hyper Voice to blast the charging bird backwards. Like a top knocked off its axis, the Fearow spun out of control and rolled scross the grass violently. Before it could get up, Mochi pounced on the opportunity, Tackling it in the gut. As the dust settled, the Fearow lay motionless below the panting Skitty, completely unconscious. Mochi has gained 3 Levels!

With the imminent danger now over, Elka and her Pokemon could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Mochi was quite exhausted at this point and could probably use a long rest. Now that she could reassess the situation, Elka turned her attention to the Teddiursa. However, while her attention had been taken off of the young cub, it had left its cowardly perch on the tree branch. Looking around frantically, she could spot it a short distance away pushing its picnic basket along down the hill as it tried to make its escape. What will Elka do?

While he listened to Primrose sleepily mumble about fairytales that bore a striking resemblance to his current situation before falling back asleep, Lucas hoped to hear more clues about what he should do next, but the opportunity faded with the heiress’ consciousness. Giving up for now, he joined Petunia as they exited the gazebo. Maybe he’ll have a chance to hear more of the story later, but for now it was time to break from his detour and head up to Liligant’s domain in the northeast.

The two of them left the central area of the garden with Horologie in tow and made their way into Liligant’s domain. Unlike the rose-filled area they had been in before, there was a much more wild beauty to the landscaping in this area. The flower beds were filled with flowers of all different shapes and colors, and there were a few Petilil and Cottonee scattered about the beds happily soaking in the sunlight. Some Ledyba buzzed about here and there, enjoying the atmosphere as any visitor would.

Happy to be along for the ride, Petunia posed Lucas with a selection of options on how to handle his current task. He could either approach Liligant directly as he had with Roserade, or perhaps Lucas could snoop around in Liligant’s treasure room. Not thinking himself much of a thief, Lucas decided that it was probably a safer option to settle things with the queen of the lilies directly. He asked Petunia for some advice on how to best handle his audience with the queen.

“Hmm,” Petunia responded, pressing her index finger to her lips while in thought. “I would say that it’s best to be up front with her. She doesn’t take kindly when she thinks people are hiding things from her. If she does open up to you, I would warn you to not get too greedy with her offers.” As she finished talking, they had arrived at Liligant’s throne area, which appeared in stark contrast to the one where Roserade resided. While Roserade’s throne area was very organized and precise, the flowerbeds were very linear and focused on the queen. In contrast, Liligant’s throne room was a spacious, circular area, where the queen’s flowerbed lie in the middle and was surrounded by smaller flowerbeds of Petilil in every direction. The queen herself had her back turned to the visitors, busily attending to one of her children. “Your majesty,” Petunia spoke up, quietly clearing her throat to catch Liligant’s attention. The flower queen turned around to eye Lucas up and down. What would he do?

It had been quite some time since Jessica last set foot in the Cloud Garden. While some things resonated in her memory, some others appeared quite different from her recollection. Either way, there was a tranquil atmosphere in the air around her; each breath of the fresh air felt like a treat to the lungs. A warm summer breeze swirled around the riverbank where Jessica stood along with her Pokemon. A quartet of small Grass-Typed Pokemon accompanied her; a Chikorita named Hoshiko, a Sweaddle named Iris, and a Petilil named Lilac looked up at their trainer expectantly while a Budew named Lance seemed more interested in the Starline River that bubbled calmly downstream.

Bending down in order to interact with her young sapling, Jessica gave Lance the choice of selecting where the five of them would embark on their adventure in this familiar yet different land. Lance sniffed the summer air, catching a whiff of the passing breeze that blew off the lake. There was something sweet in the air that smelled of pollen and fruit, and upon further inspection, Jessica’s map seemed to indicate there was a garden not too far off to the north. Another hazy wave of nostalgia wafted past Jessica as she remembered something similar in her past.

Satisfied with his decision, Lance boldly led the way while Jessica, Hoshiko, Iris, and Lilac followed behind the Budew towards the Rose Garden. As they arrived, the garden itself was quite exquisite; rows of hedges and beautifully decorated flowerbeds seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. The garden itself looked like something one would expect to find at a palace or castle, but there was no royalty that resided in the Cloud Garden. This garden was in fact a gift for all of the residents of the quaint Galea Town and visitors of the Cloud Garden to enjoy. The original architect no longer lived here, but it remained as her love letter to her favorite travel destination.

Taking a look around the entrance of the garden, Jessica noticed that there was a buzz of activity in the air. A number of volunteers who helped out in the garden seemed to be preparing for some sort of event. A flyer posted on the signpost at the entrance described a festival of flowers including a promise of fun activities to take place. Seeing as the timing was perfect, Jessica and her Pokemon proceeded into the garden to check things out.

As they gazed up and down the rows of flowers, a soft melody seemed to fill Jessica and her Pokemon’s ears. Deciding to investigate the source, the group walked about the area until the song grew louder and louder. However, the closer they got, the more apparent it was that the melody was off-key. When they finally got close enough, they spotted a small gathering of flowers practicing a Lucky Chant in order to bring prosperity and good fortunes to the coming festival, albeit practicing was the key word.

Upon closer inspection, the flowers weren’t entirely flowers as there were an array of tiny white pixies sitting on top of the flowers singing their hearts out. Before them hovered another little green fairy with a long flower-covered tail. Her body seemed to be waving back and forth, matching the wavelength of the melody. The little white pixies on the flowers sounded off their notes, fa, so, la, ti, before there was an abrupt pause and conductor came to a halt. She had a concerned look on her face. It was now up to Jessica whether or not she wished to ascertain the source of their troubles.
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