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War of the Roses
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest flower of all?

Attention, denizens of the Cloud Garden! Looking to beat the summer heat? Our very own Rose Garden will be hosting its first ever event in order to decide which flower is the most beautiful in the land. Things have been getting heated in the Rose Garden lately, so it’s time to stop and smell the roses and cool off with some fun and games! Who are the contestants in question and why are they fighting? A deeper look into the history of the garden will provide the answers…
Many years ago, there was a family from a region far away. The esteemed Nightingale family were renowned across the world as masterful architects and landscapers. Through their work they spread their immense wealth from continent to continent in order to share their beautiful work with as many people as they possibly could. As the heir to the family estate, Arthur Nightingale designed the most exquisite palaces for even royalty while his wife Evangeline adorned them with the most beautiful gardens the world has ever seen.

While on one of their travels, Evangeline became enamored with the natural beauty of the Cloud Garden. She returned every spring for many years until she built the Rose Garden which she named after her daughter, Primrose. The Nightingale family continued to visit the garden every year, where they even built a house in which they could stay. Taking care of the Rose Garden was Evangeline’s pride and joy.

Unfortunately, not all stories have fairy tale endings. Evangeline grew ill, being forced to return home to the Nightingale’s original country, leaving the garden behind. In order to maintain the beauty of her prized garden, she left her four Pokemon behind to keep watch over it. Roserade keeps watch over the roses in the northwestern part of the garden, Liligant resides with the lilies in the northeast, Bellossom watches over the sunflowers in the southwest, and Tsareena takes care of the flowering fruit trees in the southeast.

As the four Pokemon lived in the garden, a difference in opinion grew over which flower reflected Evangeline’s memory the best. Eventually they took up their own territories where they rule as queens over their domains. In order to protect her mother’s treasured garden, Primrose became a Pokemon trainer and moved in to the Rose Garden in hopes of raising her mother’s spirit by maintaining the garden’s beauty.
While the story is far from over, Primrose has decided that it’s time to decide which flower queen will be the representative of the Rose Garden, and all Cloud Garden inhabitants are invited to participate! For those looking to join in on the fun and festivities, here are a few things to note:

• This event is only open to those who are adventuring in the Cloud Garden. If you are not currently in two of the other main RP Zones and wish to join, you may start your adventure in the Cloud Garden before event registration is over.
• This event will not interrupt any progress you have presently going on in your regular Cloud Garden adventures. You are free to continue your regular zone replies alongside the event while the event is going on.
• Up to four Pokemon may be used in this event. They do not have to be the same Pokemon that you are presently using in your regular Cloud Garden adventure. The level and movesets of the Pokemon you bring are not important.

If you wish to participate in the event, please fill out the following form:

Trainer Name:
Partner Pokemon (Please state no more than four and no less than one, Attacks/Stats not needed):
Please list the following themes in order of importance (1 Being Most-Important, 4 Being Least Important): Cool, Cute, Elegant, Unique

Registration will be open until Saturday, July 8th!
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