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Elka grew more and more nervous by each minute that passed in this battle, but as Mochi hung in there tough she tried her best to match her Skitty’s bravery with her own composure as to not let her partner down in battle. Mochi had taken quite a few hits so far, but she had dished out the damage onto the Fearow as well. As the Skitty attempted to catch her breath, she listened intently for Elka to call out her strategy for the next round. Elka did just that, offering some attacks for Mochi to use against the Fearow, and Mochi nodded, preparing herself for battle once more.

Mochi squared off against the Fearow once more, as the bird Pokemon cocked its head back in preparation to unleash an attack with its big, sharp beak. While Fearow itself is a fast Pokemon, it isn’t as fast as a Skitty on land and Mochi darted forward to fling her small body at the Fearow. Her Tackle hit the Fearow square in the chest as Mochi knocked the bird backwards. The Fearow thrust its beak forward, but the Peck only grazed Mochi’s side. Mochi then opened her mouth and let out another piercing Hyper Voice that shook the bird and everyone else in the area. Breathing very heavily, the Fearow hit Mochi in Pursuit, but seeing as the Skitty wasn’t fleeing in any fashion, the attack had little time to build up momentum.

At this point, while Mochi is still breathing heavily, Fearow is looking much worse off. Another solid attack or two might be enough to finish it off. Meanwhile, Mochi has used up a considerable amount of energy and her throat is starting to get quite exhausted. Fearow in a last ditch effort prepares itself for a finishing move. What will Elka do?

As amused as Lucas was by the Pokemon diplomacy of the Rose Garden, as Petunia and he stumbled across a literal turf war between two of the fluffiest inhabitants of the garden, he decided that it was probably best to avoid unnecessary conflict. The hedges around them were riddled with bullets of seeds and clumps of cotton spores were draped over the shrubbery. Lucas stuck close to Horologie and began to look for a way to go around this mess. Seeing his intentions, Petunia waved him over to a path that headed south. “It’s a bit of a detour, but if we head into the center of the garden, we can approach the Lily sector from that way.”

The two of them along with Horologie in tow began to head south directly on the border of the two opposing areas of the garden. As they walked, Petunia explained to Lucas that there are actually four main areas of the Rose Garden, each one containing its own ruler. These four regents were once the companions of the original owner of the garden, who has been away for a long time. The owner’s family was quite wealthy, so they owned real estate all over the world. As a large white building came into sight, Petunia explained that the four areas are met in the middle by a large gazebo where events are held sometimes.

The gazebo itself was an art-piece of architecture, octagonal in shape and made out of wood, it was painted white and had vines going up trellises on the support posts. It was elevated as well with a staircase five steps high leading up to the main platform. Since they were already here, the two of them headed up the stairs to look around. There were a lot of patio furniture neatly decorated around the circumference of the gazebo, all covered with white upholstery, and in the middle sat a large white chaise lounge. Laying on top of the chaise was a young girl fast asleep.

Looking to be around twelve years in age, the young girl has long sandy-blonde hair that has been washed and brushed out impeccably. She wears a long white sundress while her sandals lay on the floor and her wide-brimmed white sun hat sits on a small table next to the chaise. The girl clutches a book over her stomach as she sleeps. Beside her pillow hovers a Musharna which remains motionless as it seemingly uses its dream mist to pass pleasant dreams onto the girl.

Sensing the presence of the visitors, the Musharna hovers around to the other side of the girl, severing the connection of dream mist between the two in the process. The girl immediately lets out a yawn and groggily sits up halfway and props herself up with her elbows. “Oh, Miss Primrose! Sorry to interrupt your nap,” Petunia greeted and then leaned in Lucas’ direction. “This is Primrose Nightingale, she is the heiress of this garden,” she whispered as an aside. Sitting up fully now, Primrose held her book in her lap and gazed at the guests through sleepy eyes.

“It’s a tragic story, you know,” she began while glancing down at her book, “The one about the exiled princess. All because the queen was worried by the prophecy that the princess’ beauty would surpass her own someday.” Primrose yawned once again, but covered her mouth politely as she did so. She leaned back on the chaise as her head rested on the pillow once more and her eyes shut. She began to mumble a few more incoherent words about her fairy tale, but the only ones Lucas could make out were “…that miraculous… magic seed…” before she dozed back off into her slumber. The dream mist connection between her and Musharna opened back up.

Petunia smiled nervously. “Well, we should probably let her sleep for now,” she whispered, “Let’s see what we can do about the seed first and then maybe we can come back later. From what I know about Liligant’s domain, she’s a bit of a hoarder and she keeps a sort of treasure room hidden away somewhere. Would you rather we go ask her directly about a seed or go snoop around for her treasure room?” Once again, Petunia had that glint in her eye and the slightest of smiles on her face that showed how much she enjoyed the drama amongst the garden. She awaited Lucas’ answer.

As the battle carried on, Muyo was impressed by the skill and the guile of the Farfetch’d swordsman. He noticed that as the two combatants tired each other out, Kennegi was beginning to gain momentum from his Defiant ability and his Fury Cutter strikes compounding their damage upon Yon Elekid. In order to mitigate further damage, Muyo sought a strategy that could hopefully end the battle soon. When he was ready, he called it out to Yon Elekid, who gladly listened.

Just as Muyo had predicted, Kennegi looked to continue his assault of Fury Cutter on Yon Elekid. As Kennegi drew closer with his leek raised, Yon Elekid fired off a flurry of small Swift stars which pursued and connected with their target, causing Kennegi to miss his strike. While the opportunity was perfect, Yon Elekid pumped back his fist and collected a giant amount of energy. He swung a Dynamic Punch with everything he had, but just barely missed the Farfetch’d who ducked away at the last moment.

Seeing his own opportunity to try and finish things, Kennegi held his leek in his bill and got himself a flying start. As the Farfetch’d flew at Yon Elekid, his body enveloped in a blue flame, the signature finishing move of many bird Pokemon. However, as he collided into Yon Elekid with a Brave Bird attack, the electric Pokemon was ready, countering with a Thunder Shock. The collision kicked up a lot of dirt and dust into the air, and as it began to settle, Muyo could spot a recoiling Kennegi and a Yon Elekid who was barely standing.

“This battle is over,” Samuel announced, his first words since the battle began. “Yon Elekid is the victor, by a hair!” Muyo looked down at the combatants. Yon Elekid a panting very heavily with his hands on his knees while Kennegi leaned against his leek which was planted straight up in the ground. Even though he was still standing, the Farfetch’d was barely conscious. “I’ve got to say, that was a heck of a battle! I was entranced from start to finish,” Samuel added. Yon Elekid gains 2 levels!

While Yon Elekid slowly walked over to put up his Knocked-Off item, Muyo pulled out a Pokeball. He had clearly recognized Kennegi’s warrior spirit and was curious if the Farfetch’d would join him on his journey. As the trainer was about to toss the ball, the Farfetch’d snapped out of his stupor and held up a wing in order to halt Muyo. He raised his leek in the air, first pointing it up at the great mountain of the Cloud Garden, Mt. Zephyria, above them and then pointed it at Muyo before ‘sheathing’ the leek under his wing. Kennegi then sat down and took a deep sigh, exhausted from the battle.

“I think he means that he’s got some unfinished business up the mountain,” Samuel said with a smile, “Until then, I’m sure he would gladly follow you as a proxy as long as you’re willing to help him see this through ‘till the end.” From the looks of it, this wandering duck has decided that it’s time to wander no more. His sights are set on the mountain above, but until Muyo was ready to take on the trial challenges he would wait patiently and hone his skills. What will Muyo do next? [Kennegi is available to assist only in Cloud Garden Trial Challenges at this time. He is lv.15, has the Defiant ability, and knows EM Quick Attack.]

Although she was disappointed that her capture of Pancham was a failure, Patches had to force herself to move on, because there were more pressing matters at hand. Thanking Mio for a hard-fought battle, she scooped the tired Pikachu up in her arms. As Ciri the Swablu circled back towards her trainer, she chirped a few times to indicate that she had found something. With her trainer now in tow, Ciri began to lead Patches in the direction of the small wooded area.

Meanwhile, things were getting just as frustrating for Kei as they were for Patches. He attempted to comfort the Stufful with only the purest of intentions, but that seemed to get the poor bear cub in more trouble with the Timburr, who did not seem pleased by the intruder’s presence at all. Timburr shoved Kei off of Stufful with a forceful push, causing Kei to Growl in anguish and then threw a small temper tantrum by flickering Embers around with his tail.

At this point, the Mankeys have stopped their sparring match to come see what all of the commotion is about. To their surprise, this Charmander is about to start a small forest fire in their shabby wooden dojo. Jumping out of the ring, they scurried about to stamp out the small flames that had sprouted around the area. By now, Timburr was quite livid while Stufful was shaking where he stood. Prodding Kei with his wooden plank, Timburr tried to get the Charmander’s attention and get him to stop flailing.

“Tim… burr!” it angrily exclaimed, gesturing to the slightly charred burn marks on their dojo. He yelled at Kei that because of the damages, Stufful’s debt was about to go way up. Unless Kei wants to take Stufful’s place in the fighting tournament, that is. Timburr angrily pointed to the fighting ring, indicating that if Kei wanted to make a scene, he better do it in the ring. As he waited for his trainer to join back up with him, Kei now faced a decision. Dare he take Stufful’s place in the fighting ring?

As the sun set over the Cloud Garden, the shadows grew larger over the trees by the minute. Hiero faced a decision as he stood at a literal fork in the road. Should he just go straight to the woodcutter’s cabin, or dare he investigate the loud THWACKING noises he heard in the other direction? In the end, curiosity got the better of him, and Hiero and Junpei decided to go check the sound out.

The path to the west was barely a blazed trail with tons of underbrush impeding their way. However, Hiero knew he was going the right way as he followed the sounds. As they got closer and closer, the noises stopped, probably alerted by the rustling through the woods that Hiero and Junpei were making. As they entered a clearing, they came face to face with a large man holding an axe.

“Whoa there,” the man greeted with a sigh, “It’s just a traveler. You startled me there for a minute.” He was a burly man with a thick red beard, red hair, and a red plaid flannel shirt. “Did you possibly get lost? Or were you investigating the noise I was making? I’m Samuel Flint, by the way,” he continued, setting his axe down against a tree and extending a hand to shake.

“As you can see, this here is the site of one of the Cloud Garden trials and I’m its captain. If you’re considering taking in the challenge, why don’t you help me carry some of this firewood back to my cabin and we can go over the details in the morning. You’re welcome to stay the night.” Looking around the clearing, visibility was getting worse as the shadows continued to creep across the forest. Hiero could spot a massive fallen tree which had many cuts on it and slivers of wood had been sawed off. Samuel had been chopping up one of those slivers in order to make firewood. As Samuel began to collect the firewood, should Hiero choose to take him up on his offer, or would he rather explore the forest a bit at night?
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