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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Perplexed as to why the feisty Pancham didn’t enjoy her gift of confetti, Patches watched on as Mio and Pancham continued to duke it out. Both Pokemon were beginning to wear down, and Patches knew she needed to wrap things up quickly in order to catch up to Kei and Stufful. She pulled out a Pokeball in hopes of trying to work things out with the Pancham at a later time. Turning her attention back to the battle, Patches finally called out some orders to Mio in a rare moment of responsibility.

Mio was excited to finally have her trainer’s support, especially after the confetti letdown. She nodded and prepared to face the Pancham once more. As Pancham charged in, Mio brushed him with a Tail Whip as Pancham countered with a Tackle, pinning Mio to the ground. Not to be deterred, Mio quickly jolted the Pancham with a Thunder Shock knocking him off of her. Pancham slowly got to his feet, angrily Leering at Mio in defiance. Level up for Mio!

Patches took this opportunity to then throw her Pokeball at the Pancham, so seemed weakened enough. The ball connected with the panda and sucked it in with a red laser before landing on the ground. It shook once… twice… and then three times before popping back open to reveal the battered Pancham. It angrily fixed its gaze on Patches, not ready to relinquish its freedom just yet. Patches was in a bind here, but she had no time left to waste. Calling upon her Swablu, Ciri, she asked the cotton bird to fly up and look for Kei. Ciri let out two quick chirps before taking to the air. She began flying in the direction of the cluster of trees, trying to point Patches in the right direction.

While all of this was going on, Kei was determined to complete his mission. The Charmander stepped out from the bushes, completely blowing his cover, and walked up to the Stufful who was being yelled at by a Timburr. Kei gently wrapped his arms around the Stufful, embracing him in a hug as Timburr watched on incredulously. With a shrove from his forearm, Timburr pushed Kei off of Stufful, angrily accusing Stufful of bringing a bodyguard to protect him. Stufful continued to shake where he stood, desperately trying to deny the accusation. It seems like Kei made things worse for Stufful. Maybe it would be best to rejoin with Patches and bring her here for assistance.
Patches anxiously watched as Mio battled it out with Pancham. Normally she would be cheering Mio on but she couldn’t shake the feeling of worry she was having thinking about Kei so she watched in silence. Once the opportunity presents itself, she throws a pokeball in hopes of capturing the Pancham so that she doesn’t have to leave it behind. This was her one and only shot because she knew she didn’t have much time to spare. “Come on, come on…” *pop* Looks like the capture was not a success. “Aw mannn…” Patches slumps over in disappointment. However, she forgets about it quickly since she has a lot of worry on her mind right now. “Little Pancham, I don’t know what has you so upset and I wish I could stick around to help but I have to go find Kei and your friend Stufful. You are welcome to follow me if you want to reunite with your friend!” She turns to Mio, ready to tell her to follow but notices how exhausted she looks. “Oh Mio… I’m so sorry, I hope I didn’t push you too hard…” She walks over and picks Mio up in her arms. “I’ll carry you from here, just relax for now.” And with that, she takes off running in the direction Swablu wants her to go.

While Patches is on her way, Kei has caught up to Stufful and goes in for a nice big loving hug. He has no doubt in his mind that he is doing the right thing and feels nothing but joy while in the moment. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned and the next thing he knows he is being forced off of Stufful by the Timburr and now it seems to be even more angry! Kei can’t believe what he is seeing, how could that Timburr be so cruel? He has never felt more rejected than he does in this moment and watching the Stufful shake in fear is almost too much for him to bear. He can’t stop the tears now, his little heart is slowly breaking as he watches his Stufful friend get into more and more trouble. Kei can barely see through the tears as he lets out a Growl of frustration because he feels so useless right now. His emotions begin to slowly boil over, he doesn’t even realize it’s happening but his tail flame has been slowly increasing in size. That’s when he snaps, he can’t take it anymore! “CHARRRRR!!!” Kei is so upset his tail begins to flail around recklessly, causing Embers to disperse randomly. He doesn’t even have a particular target, he isn’t even aware he is causing a scene. Hopefully, Patches will get there soon and be able to deescalate the situation somehow!

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