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I had 336 at the 20-minute mark. (No photo.) But I took the full 40 minutes, and I got 528. I was on a roll and could've gotten many more but no excuses!

(click pictures for full size)

It's interesting to see different fans' biases of information and memory recall. Looking at my own test, for instance:
  • you can see a strong bias towards the original 151 (of which I only mind blanked on two)
  • you see that the generation with the greatest number of omissions is Gen V, which also happens to be the largest generation out of the most recent three
You'll have to take my word for it, but I know every single Pokémon's name in Gen V. (As I'm sure many of you do too.) So why then is Gen V so sparse in my list compared to other generations? It all boils down to memory recall modalities:
  • I remembered creatures I'm personally attached to
  • I remembered the creatures that have been around the longest (which is relative to your own time spent in the fandom, but for me starts at the very beginning with Gen 1)
  • I remembered the creatures that featured on gym leaders' and Elite Four members' teams in the video games and anime, and on Ash & Co.'s teams in the anime
A lot of the Pokémon I'm missing don't fall under any of these three categories. There are some that do, of course. Swanna (on Skyla's team), Palpitoad (on Ash's team), etc. But even then, they weren't the most prominent of Pokémon in the games or anime. At least not to me. (Obviously! )

Evolutions tend to be really easy. Once you remember anybody in the line, it's like a game of Battleship: you know there are hits nearby and it's just a matter of recalling their names. Single-stage Pokémon are a lot harder: either you remember them or you don't. (Both of my Gen 1 omissions were single stagers, for example, and I also see Qwilfish, Shuckle, and Torkoal on my list.)

It's interesting to see the cases where you don't remember an entire line. For instance, I remembered Mantine but couldn't for the life of me remember the baby's name -- even though I'm holding onto one right now in FB! I could remember Axew (anime) and Haxorus (Smogon hop, skip, and a jump from Axew), but because Fraxure neither featured prominently in the anime nor in the competitive scene his name was lost to me. I could remember Beheeyem (Smogon) but not Elgyem (the previous stage) for similar reasons.

This was a really fun forty minutes. I'm disappointed I couldn't ace the exam, which at first I thought I could do in ten minutes (never mind forty!), but I'm pretty satisfied with my score.
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