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Luvdisc The 721 Pokemon Naming Challenge

Back in the day there was a very popular 'Name The 151 Pokemon' Challenge, so when I stumbled upon this I was too excited to come here and share it with you all!

I knew I wouldn't be able to get 721 (mostly due to Generation V and VI and my awful memory) but I got a rather pitiful 216. I completely blanked on lots of middle evolutions of evolution lines I thought I was confident with, like the middle Ice Cream Pokemon and the all middle starter evolutions after Generation 3. Not to mention I forgot so many Pokemon I love in the heat of the moment under the pressure (I'm sorry Luvdisc! I'm sorry Zebstrika!).

Made me also realise how many Pokemon I literally had just forgotten existed, like Chatot! And also I totally realised it's got to the point where in the later generations I can't remember which Pokemon belong in which generation. Lots of Pokemon in Generation 4 and 5 I had to double take on and think 'wait, really?'. Also Generation 4 is huge and then 5 and 6 added so few Pokemon comparatively.

Have a go, post your score! Let the fun begin xd;
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