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Originally Posted by blazeVA View Post
I actually find myself in support of option number 2.
That's the one I like best myself. It causes zero collateral damage. It only bans the Baton Pass team chain archetype. In fact, I find it somewhat generous that they're willing to allow as many as three users (as three, with a destination recipient as fourth in the chain, could still be seen by many as being only a slightly nerfed version of this strategy). It doesn't ban Baton Pass outright (none of the eligible choices do) and it doesn't say you're only allowed to have one Baton Pass user on your team either. Want to pass Speed to Guy B and use him to then pass Defense to Guy C, a normally slow and fragile but otherwise mighty Pokémon? Go for it.

But like I said, even if I personally would want to see 4+ Baton Pass teams banned, philosophically I don't like this road Smogon is continuing to go down. :\
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