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I actually find myself in support of option number 2. I think that the playstyle isn't inherently bad (like SwagPlay) and that it often requires someone run very niche counters, that more often than not, don't work well. The new additions in Scolipede and Sylveon make it worse, since Sylveon can smash through Subs and Dark types. I know my team has no way of beating it, if I did I wouldn't suck so bad against Clefable. But the face of the matter is, while the strat isn't unbeatable, not by any means, its very difficult to prepare against. That's the point I agree with. Hell, even looking at Haze, which is one of the number 1 moves to use against it, there are so many Pokemon that are either:

A) Terrible in OU and shouldn't be used seriously
B) Not bulky at all and so can't effectively stop BP
C) Don't have the space for it.

I think that there is a lot of good arguments for nerfing BP somewhat. I don't like option 3 at all, it causes massive collateral damage.
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