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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post

Burden of proof lies with anyone who makes an assertion. If you come into my pro-privacy topic and say privacy is overrated, you have to give reasons. I don't owe you anything.
I'll put aside that you're objectively wrong about how burden of proof works and just give my two cents.

In my view, people ought to know full well by now what comes with using the internet. If you don't the Government to see something, don't put it on the internet, IE the one place literally anyone can see it. One doesn't leave their keys in the ignition of their car overnight because they know someone will steal it. One doesn't leave their wallet/purse out on the table in a public place when they run to the restroom, because they know when they come back it probably won't be there.

Likewise, people should know better than to do or say things they think the Government could use against them when they're on the internet, where realistically your information isn't, never was, and never will be very safe.

On a more personal, anecdotal note, when you live in a city where multiple people are shot dead on a daily basis, you get more than a little wary of the "FREEDOM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY" argument. Guns are frivolous and actively endanger the life of people who come in contact with them. Likewise, an illusion of privacy is largely frivolous. There's a cost of lives attached to both of these "freedoms". There's absolutely evidence that the NSA doesn't do that much to stop terrorist attacks, and there's definite truth to that, but there's also definite truth that it does do SOMETHING, and I'm of the opinion that one person's life is worth far more than appeasing 1,000 Doppels who get their panties in a knot at the thought of the government finding out what they Google, just in the same way I'm of the opinion that one person's life is worth far more than appeasing 1,000 members of the NRA.

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