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Yeesh at that (possibly unintentional) false dichotomy. "You can't have the Internet without giving up your privacy." To interact with any humans at all is to forfeit at least some privacy, sure -- but you can't seriously reason that to make use of the Internet you have to spread your asscheeks wide for the government to see all that you think and do. You may think that government will do so anyway, just as a man might believe the government wiretaps all phone calls. But that doesn't make it legal nor prove the case that it should be legal, no more so than unconsented wiretapping makes the case for the argument, "You can't use telephones without forking over all of your privacy."

Moderation, people. Jesus. So many absolutist views in this thread. You can have some privacy without giving it all up. You can have some security without giving it all up.
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