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Sorry for the late response, was trying to work through a bit of writer’s block!

Gary looked up as he noticed a pair of trainers come in through the entrance of the observatory. One he recognized instantly as Hyrem, a new friend who he had bonded with over their water Pokemon, while the other was Keith, a powerful comrade who he had fought in battle with not too long ago against the monstrous Mega Abomasnow. “Hey guys, welcome!” he called out with a wave, “Come on in!” Gary hurried over to greet them and give them the grand tour of the newly-built aquarium. “It’s quite a bit bigger than it was before,” Gary told Hyrem with a grin. “You’re gonna be surprised! Feel free to let your Pokemon explore around by the way.” As they passed the garden and crossed a small bridge to the interior of the observatory, Belle the Happiny could be seen watering the flowers while Uriel the Togepi placed a crown of flowers on the sleeping head of Asterios the Tauros. Coco the Tropius and Terra the Torterra seemed to be soaking in rays of sunlight that trickled down through the glass ceiling above.

As they crossed the bridge Shuri the Ninjask darted in and out of some mangrove trees that jutted out of the water below while Kage the Shedinja solemnly floated above. They rounded the base’s main tree trunk that featured a ladder up to Gary’s home and came across a pier that went out across the pool of water and over to the massive aquarium wall. Gary’s two new assistants Rina and Rain were busy cleaning the pier, racing each other to see who could finish first. Raphael the Blastoise was peacefully resting underneath a palm tree on a small sandy island while Frio the Spheal, Wani the Totodile, and Pokey Jr. the Slowpoke played around on another island.

“As you can see, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!” Gary said as he gestured to the tank. A vast number of aquatic Pokemon could be seen swimming around inside of it. “I bet you want to see the new babies, don’t you?” he asked Hyrem. “If you guys want, we can go swim around in there! Or you’re free to hang out in my base upstairs. I’ve got some video games and toys up there if you or your Pokemon want to play.”
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