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Well, I finished the game now as well, including the post-game.

Final Team of 6:
[email protected], male, Lv.73 (Pokéball)
-Confuse Ray
-Spirit Shackle
-Leaf Blade
-Brave Bird

[email protected], male, Lv.73 (Pokéball)
-Flare Blitz
-Darkest Lariat
-Brick Break
-Thunder Punch

[email protected], female, Lv.73 (Pokéball)
-Ice Beam
-Sparkling Aria

[email protected], female, Lv.73 (Net Ball)
-Bug Buzz
-Flash Cannon

[email protected], male, Lv.74 (Repeat Ball)
-Heavy Slam
-Close Combat
-Rock Slide

[email protected], female, Lv.74 (Luxury Ball)
-Clanging Scales
-Focus Blast
-Flash Cannon

Ending/Story Spoilers/Bragging Rights:
Spoiler: show
So I don't know how everyone else felt, but I was expecting a bit..more. Incineroar handled Molayne. Primarina handled Olivia. Decidueye handled Acerola. Vikavolt/Mudsdale (can't remember which) handled Kahili. This left Kommo-o as back-up for everything. Then healed my mon before facing the Champion (using only items I received through the playthrough, not ones I bought) and then used exactly 1 mon against 1 mon each time so that they'd all be involved.
Why, for some reason, are my Pokémon at a higher level than any of the Elite four and Champion? I thought it was always the other way around and you had to face opponents who were 5-10 levels higher than you.
Also; love the switcheroo they did at the end on who the Champion was. Kind of a throwback to the original games except now you were in the shoes of Blue/Gary who has to defend himself against the rival/protagonist who came in just after him.

Team RR: Kommo-o pretty much handled every one of the ace Pokémon with ease, the only exception being Lysandre's, who Primarina handled, and Giovanni's, who Incineroar handled. And the only knock-out I received from Giovanni was on Primarina - and that one was simply because I refused to switch while Primarina was low on health and I wanted to see if she could handle his ace.
But yeah, the story of RR, while great, was a bit of a let down when it turned out it was nothing more than a gauntlet challenge. I was slightly expecting having to go around Alola, stopping the bosses midway their plot, while joining forces with the International Police. Or something like that.
Still interesting though, and I wonder if anything that was said in that episode might be foreshadowing Nintendo's next planned game.

I still have Necrozma left on Mt. Lanakila, so I guess I'll see how that goes.

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