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Gary let out a sigh of relief as Bubbles was recalled back into her Pokeball. Kratos on the other hand, still needed to cool off, so he dove into the river and swam upstream, effortlessly making his way up the cliffside waterfall as if he were climbing a ladder. “Sorry about that,” Gary nervously laughed. “I should have mentioned it first.” With the tension defused, Wani and Raphael seemed to relax a bit as well. “Don’t mind Kratos though. He usually acts pretty aloof like this, but as you saw he’s not afraid to put up a fight.” As Wani floated at the surface of the water, showing only the scales on his back as well as his snout, he watched as Hyrem reached out to pet him. However, right before Hyrem could make contact, the Totodile dipped under the water only to reappear moments later behind Hyrem. “I think he’s trying to play a game,” Gary responded with a laugh.

With Bubbles and Kratos both gone now, Raphael retracted his shoulder cannons. The Lapras swam up to him and introduced herself, causing him to smile. “The name’s Raphael, but I go by Raph for short. Nice t’ meet you.” He gradually stepped off of the submerged boulder he was standing on, allowing himself to float on his belly in the water. “I guess we both get used for ferry-duty then. My shell is pretty flat so Gary can lay down on it if he feels like it. Your spikes are pretty rad though. What brings you to these parts?”
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