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Special Attack? : I Will Remember You
By ordering Transform in a formula of Transform[Copy (X)], with X being the Target Pokemon, Jello will transform into and permanently remember how to transform into that Pokemon, and will forever have it on file. In order to transform into that Pokemon from then on out, Transform must be ordered in a formula of Transform[Remember (X)], with X once again being the remembered Pokemon. Jello can only permanently remember 3 Transformations at Level 1, though with each Level Up gains an additional 2, with a max of 13 Transformations at Level 6. This is somewhat akin to the Smeargle thing, but on a much smaller scale. Jello may not be an uplevel. Jello cannot use the SC free Transform in order to preform this, it must be the Move variant. Whether it be the Copy or Remember variant, Jello uses an extra Decent to preform these variants of Transform. Additionally, Jello cannot permanently remember Legendaries.
Approving Post (This is really rather pointless)

The ability to essentially squad 18 Pokemon, arguably 19 if you consider Ditto an entity of its own, is beyond bonkers, especially since it allows you to copy basically the 13 best Pokemon in the game and use them at your will. The extra energy needed is not in any way a drawback and this Pokemon is basically a total counter to every single Pokemon in the game. This is not okay. At all. Doesn't matter if its grammatically correct.

btw Crys has also said this is broken as balls
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