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Mawill: Level 3 Male Munchlax
Mawill is the pokemon reincarnation of me. He likes video games and greek mythology. He also loves to read. He is pretty smart but not very athletic. He always tries his hardest when he battles though and uses his superior stretegies to overcome his lack of stamina.
Hidden power: flying
Special Attack: Ooh! Piece of candy!
Mawill pulls out a piece of candy and eats it. The sugar rush gives him a speed boost similar to a long term agility. He then hides more candy for his teammates and this gives them the same speed boost as soon as they are sent out. The candy is cleverly hidden that it cant be stolen by the opponent's pokemon but can still be cleared by Rapid Spin.

Approving post

I seem to have forgotten an energy cost for this move. If no one has any objections to significant I will just edit that in, though i wouldn't mind a quick LO post to say i'm good.
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