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My Slugma Sig:
Lava King: Slugma - 4 Male
Biography: "Lame" & "Halting" these where words used by the ignorant to describe Lava King's former master Hephaestus, but he knew better. As the god of volcanoes and a master craftsman the forge master made many things including automatons of many a metal...and unknown to most he also crafted one of pure magma. This being, this unknown creation of liquid flame did what most would think something as inorganic, as manufactured as Lava King could...he loved, he loved his "father" Hephaestus. This emotion would come to fuel him as time after time he saw how the other gods treated his creator, causing him to swell & grow with anger so much so that the growth was quite literal. Upon the 2nd time Hepheastus was tossed from Olympus the anger that had been swelling within him took over Lava King's being causing him to do the unthinkable, summoning the powers of his creator he caused the minerals of the forge be they of earthen quality or stone & he brought them down with the fiery fury of the forge upon those who wronged his "father"...which they didn't really get to damaged by cuz..well gods...furious at Lava King's arrogance the gods of Olympus banished Lava King to the realm of PASBL where he would fight for all eternity.
Special Training: Giant of the Forge
Due to his anger, desire to please his father, and the powers he channeled in his final assault the following is true of Lava King:
Lava King has twice as much Ground type energy.
He is now roughly the size & weight of a Snorlax
He is capable of firing Lava Plume from any part of his body.

Due to taking pride in what he was created to be he will never evolve
Lava King's anger causes him to be more susceptible to rage inducing attacks.
Because of his mental issues he can’t use Amnesia, Yawn, Rest, Sleep Talk, Round, or Stockpile.
Approving Post

1000 pounds is a lot and admittedly I was being a horrible person when I submitted this version of the sig, having intended it more as a joke. I'm bringing this here of my own fruition and would like to ask that it either be reverted back to it's previous version (where everything was the same except it weighed 300 pounds) or that I be allowed to have a 500 pound version instead.

Obviously I'm not going to object/defend against myself, so yeah.
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