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Eliteknight's Kabutops Sig:

Kerrigan Level 3 Female Kabutops

Bio: Kerrigan is the self-Proclaimed Queen of Blades, her slashing attacks are rivaled by no other Kabutops, she has perfected the art of slashing.

Sig: The Queen of blades knows no rival [Various]
Kerrigans slashing moves use half the ammount type energy that they normally would require using XX energy for the other half. She has learned how to use Psycho cut, Razor shell and Leaf Blade. She has forgotten how to use, protect, low kick, water pulse, sandstorm, sleep talk, rock climb, whirl pool and rock smash.
Approving Post

The problem with this sig is that it essentially doubles the type energy this Kabutops has for the Grass, Psychic, Flying, Dark, and Bug-types. While it's true this only applies when Kabutops is using a slashing move... Kabutops's SC gives it a x1.2 boost to slashing moves. This is practically a Mozz Badge for these select moves, a badge we got rid of entirely not too long ago. It's also worth noting that four of these five types hit one of Kabutops's weaknesses for super-effective damage. As if allowing 4 uses of SC boosted offtype for five different types wasn't crazy enough, look at the drawback for this sig. This Kabutops loses:

Protect- Fairly useful move, but by no means a huge loss
Low Kick- Situational, Kabutops retains Superpower
Water Pulse- Fairly useful move, but easily made up for by the likes of Magic!Surf, Scald, and the newly-sigged Razor Shell.
Sandstorm- Pretty useless for a Kabutops
Sleep Talk- Situational at best.
Rock Climb- Probably the only actual drawback this sig has.
Whirlpool- Situational at best.
Rock Smash- As previously stated, Kabutops retains Superpower.

This is a fantastic and probably broken sig to begin with, but it's made even moreso by the fact that the drawback is basically a glorified version of "Kabutops cannot learn Rock Climb".

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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