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The two trainers give each other curt, but respectful, nods, and unleash their first two Pokemon. From Luka, a large, black lynx named Nico emerges, its X-Ray vision boring into Josh's Medicham, going by the moniker Warrior. Nico begins the fight, leaping forward, teeth bared and crackling with electricity. Warrior, stoic enough to stand strong and unafraid against his terrifying opponent, gives Nico a quick chop to the top of the head, making Nico clamp down earlier than he intended. He still gets a good chomp into Warrior's left arm though, and it can be seen crackling with electricity afterward, clearly suffering from some mild paralysis. Nico, satisfied with himself, slinks backward as he shocks Warrior with tiny jolts of electricity. Warrior isn't ready to let the lynx escape just yet though, and rushes forward, good arm tensed. He delivers a quick uppercut to Nico's jaw, leaving the poor feline looking very confused from the blow.

Both will be good for two going into the next round, with Warrior having a health lead. It isn't too much yet, though. Warrior is suffering from some mild paralysis in his left arm, and Nico seems thoroughly confused.

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