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DT's Gliscor

Scorpion: Male Gliscor
Biography: With the the polar ice caps melting away from the nearby mountains of Windswept Sky, cold weather has become rampant creating a severe regional climate change. Scorpion originating from this region has adapted to better survive the frigid conditions of the area. For some unknown reason, a group of Ariados living in a nearby cave started to overrun the area as well. The Ariados’ bug type attacks began to heavily affect Scorpion, making him resent the bug type and feel extra pain in the process.
Special Resistance: Glazed [IC]
Scorpion is now 2x weak to ice while no longer being resistant to bug.
Hidden Power: Ground
Gliscor's fantastic and has no reason to fear Bug types in the first place, so cutting the Ice double weak in half for Bug neutrality means nothing.
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