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Originally Posted by Lindz View Post
Playstation 4 Slim
Saw this on sale for $199 an was like wellllll no point in waiting any longer right?! An now its here an mine! 3 1/2 years late to the current gen!
If it makes you feel better I've had my PS4 for 2-3 years at this point and maybe half a dozen games for it on my shelf total (admittedly part of the reason for this is having a PC to play on like a big boy, meaning it's mostly a machine for exclusives or games I have no platform preference for).

Speaking of sort-of exclusives

Playing: Toukiden 2 (lots of monster hornbits hacked off)

Because lol KT PC ports. Speaking of which, I went from a game about killing giant monsters in an open world (H:ZD) to another game about killing monsters in an open world. I may have a problem, one that involves turning oni vaginas into more powerful naginatas in order to get even more Oni pussy (...for gear).

Also they added the Thorn from Freedom Wars, so that's neat.
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