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(Re)Playing: Skyrim Special Edition HD Turbo Remix

Because I bought all the DLC for the original like an idiot but never meaningfully played through any of it, I thought I might as well start on a new character and take advantage of Bethesda's pseudo-generosity at not making me pay for it twice. I learned my lesson from playing a mage character last time (the "favorites" system makes switching between the dozens of spells at your disposal about as fun as colonoscopy prep), so I'm rolling as a warrior this playthrough which not only makes Shouts a more important part of the gameplay but also lets you find out just how much crafting lets you break any semblance of game balance in half (why yes, I would like to one shot a dragon with a bow sneak attack from 100 yards away).

Also, Dawnguard as an expansion is kind of mediocre. The new Vampire Lord form suffers from the same problem that the Werewolf form does, even with perks: past a certain point, your skills/gear become so good that transforming becomes a net downgrade in power, which kind of defeats the purpose of a power-trip uber transformation in the first place. It's a "new toy" expansion where the toys themselves aren't great (except for the summonable ghost horse which saves you trying to track down wherever the fuck your flesh and blood one ran off to when you randomly get attacked by bandits on the road) and the main questline suffers from having a significant portion take place in new zones that are large but not particularly populated or interesting.
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