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I think SP earned as the requirement is the flexibility that we should've had (coaching really should've counted towards the requirements), but I still don't think it's perfect. Though I suppose it's good enough and we can fix it if it's abused.

I think the lowered KO proposal is a bad idea, but I won't one man army it.

Acquisitions probably need a lot of big fixing in light of the reduced KOs and TL8 though. Now TL7 needs to have a bunch of pokemon to make it worthwhile. Meta and Lapras should go back up at minimum. I'm okay with dropping Blissey to TL5, because it differentiates it from Wiggly and Clefable, which is good, though that point is moot if we bring those two up a level. It can live okay at 5 regardless though.

I think token/scarf idea is pretty good.
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