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>yfw this is the world Rainbow Rocket Giovanni came from

A bit of a tangent...but the Sun/Moon anime doesn't really look like it's ending any time soon. M22 also is going to be a remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back. So, I'm skeptical as heck that Gen 8 will start any sooner than next Fall, fitting with my prior predictions.

Edit: Also, while Surge is supposed to be in the US Army, his uniform is much more strongly reminiscent of the Marines. His HG/SS uniform is 100% Marines except for the boots, which are taken from the Navy. If he was a fighter pilot, he could NOT have been in the US Army, as the Army doesn't fly jets at all.

Rolled sleeves is a Marine-only thing, it was actually banned by the Army for many years. The Navy may also roll sleeves when stationed with Marines.
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