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I mean, bulbasaur and ivysaur do seem reptilian- it was always just venusaur that seemed remotely toadlike to me. So yeah, count me on the camp for "not surprised by venusaur at all".

On the flipside, of course, there's my brother asking a pretty distinct question: how does golem know where and when to turn, and do so with such accuracy. I'm chokking it up to simple tremorsense, but that's a bit lacking of an explanation at the moment, no?

As much as caterpie lagging behind makes all sorts of sense, I did notice that it just teleported back behind the trainer when the distance became too great between them. I guess that gives players two different styles to interact with it- be nice and let it catch up on its own, or run on ahead without a care as to how disoriented your little caterpillar friend gets as you go. At least you don't have to worry about hungry pidgeotto attacks quite as much?

Yeah, blastoise' model in Pokken (it's like Smash, but Pokemon-only and a good number of totally different mechanics) was... something else. Why is it so lean, and who decided that a tortoise should look kinda rubbery and then succeeded in convincing the rest of the model staff of that? Surely someone would've gone like "hey, uh, tortoises are more scaly" or something! It does get points for the localized Rain Dance+ Rain Dish combo it pulls if Dual Phase, though- nice to see Abilities actually playing a role for once, no? ...But this is a bit off-topic.

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