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Americans in disagreeing with what Brits find funny shocker (and vice versa). Seriously, I lose count of the number of times myself and american friends have just wanted to smash our heads into walls in despair at some of the things the other finds funny.

Also given you mentioned Blackadder, I highly recommend it. Series 1 is pants, but 2-4 are awesome - and each series is self contained, so feel free to ignore 1 if you wish :p. Only Fools and Horses is also definitely worth a watch (some later stuff isn't as good, but David Jason generally speaking it's pretty good), as are Father Ted and Red Dwarf. From what I've seen of Yes Minister, it's also very funny, but none of my American friends appreciate it so it'd be interesting to see what you make of it :p.

However - and I know Dave is going to hate me for this - Fawlty Towers, whilst funny, is definitely not my favourite Britcom.
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