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Ok, here’s my updater redo. This time I’ll be using Brawlfan 1’s post.


You make your way towards the gym at an easy pace. While it may have been housed in one of many factories on the area, that fact that it was a gym and a well know party place, it wasn’t too difficult to find. As you enter the main doors of the gym, you find yourself in sort of a reception area. There aren’t very many people, you assume that’s because it was the middle of the day, people were either getting ready for the next party or recovering from the last one. Across the room you see some more doors that would most likely lead to the arena/party floor. You also see a bulletin board on the wall that had some job postings.

However before you take a step towards it, a voice beckons to you for the reception desk. There you spot a bearded grey haired man, though he didn’t seem the age to have that colour hair. You didn’t really notice him before now, but looking at him now, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘wolfish’. “Hello, I’m guessing that you’re a new trainer around here.” He gives you a nod. “You can call me Farran. I’m the receptionist, gym trainer, mechanic and at times, I feel like the only guy who seems to take running this gym seriously.”

You wonder for a moment what he means by that statement but return his welcome. He gives a grin. “If you’re interested, I’ve got a job that I’ve been handing to people who been coming in. Here:” The man slides a poster across the desk and you look at it.

Warning: Stray Dog

A dark canine wild Pokemon has been spotted roaming around the Olivine Industrial District. This Pokémon has been making a disturbance and has been caught stealing. There is a reward of 2 Star Shards for the person who can take this Pokémon off the streets.
“A woman came in with this and told me to handle the reward for her. So if you come back with this Pokémon, you’ll get the reward. It seemed like a rather big task so I’ve told everyone who’s came in today about it, so you may run into a couple of other people searching for it. So what do you say?”

So what do you say?

Spoiler: show

Take the job offer to track down the dog which turns out to be a Poochyena and potentially capture it.


If Wilfred decides to accept the job to hunt down the dog, he searches through the alleys until he runs into a Poochyena sniffing around a dumpster. As he approaches though, a Yanma charges out of nowhere and attacks it. A man shows up in command of the Yanma and tells the bug to kill it. If Wilfred intervenes, the Poochyena makes its escape and the hunter and his Yanma try to chase after it but quickly lose it. If Wilfred tries to track it down on his own, he finds it and tries to befriend it, but gets interrupted by Yanma and the hunter. If he beats the duo, they end up escaping, but Wilfred manages to capture the Poochyena and take it back to the gym to receive the reward, plus a $100 bonus for beating the hunter. If he loses, another trainer in search of the Poochyena shows up to finish the hunter, but allows Wilfred to catch the Poochyena and goes with him to the gym and the other trainer gets the $100 bonus.


If he tracks down the Poochyena, he gets 2 Star Shards and $100 from telling Farran and the woman about beating the hunter. If he loses against the hunter, he only gets the 2 Star Shards.

Please let Farran be like Speedo Zack

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