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Sandaa: The Minnao Isles are a vacation spot, and even as you were carrying out the super important mission of relocating a dangerous predator, it's hard to stay practical and not just swim off to the next holiday spot. As it was, The Mints was a decent location for both, and so that's where you decided to go. “Sounds like a plan! Here, take our numbers, and if you need to get in contact with us for anything, you've got them. If you want to adventure round there for a while, we know some decent guides. They might be busy at this time of year, but I'm sure they'll have some kind of contact, and we do all owe you after what you've done.”

You took the details of the trainer as well as his researching brother – exactly what you had hoped for! - and Bill helped you with the rope. Meanwhile, the children all exclaimed sadly that it was time to split. Joe slid off Torterra, patting the grass type on the head and giving him a hug. “I'll miss you, Terra. Thanks for visiting. Keep being strong and nice.” He encouraged. The girls ran straight to Raphael for a hug and then to Terra for the same, waving enthusiastically before being encouraged away by their guardian. “You, too.” Bill said to Joe, who was moping. “Maybe you'll see them again one day. But for now they have to go.”
“Okay. Bye, Gary.” The boy said solemnly and left you to join his other relatives back up the beach.

The most important part – sort of – was Phanpy. You knew for a fact that without a ball, that thing was absolutely not following you across the water given his disgust of being too close to the rolling tides, and that he also might have a home to return to. The Pokemon looked like it was still thinking on the offer, ears drooping in a way that didn't fill you with hope. However, after a few shy moments, brown eyes scanning your tougher team members and other company on the beach, he shuffles over and coils a tough and tiny trunk around one leg. Perhaps a bit tentative, but that seemed like a yes!


PikaGod: You acknowledge that your plan sucked, and that Speaker didn't really have a shot to start with, but you think of using something better. It's a widely known fact that the most important qualities for any idol are their looks and charisma, and dayumn girl, do you have both! You still look as stunning as you did before the training day ruined your mood, and you were sure that you were definitely going to have better luck than poor Akuma. Watching him, he was a tragedy. A hot mess, in fact.

You and Speaker waltz the beach, asking with your best manners and smile and subtle poses if anyone has seen a person matching the description Akuma gave of his friend. Almost everyone apologises and says no, except for one (or two). It was a couple laying under a parasol, one of the males holding a book in his hand, the pair resting on a set of water-themed towels. “Oh, yeah, actually. There were a few people going along the beach earlier, that way--” The redhead of the coupling explained, “Carrying someone kind of like that, maybe? We just thought he got heatstroke or was wasted. It's always 5pm somewhere, you know?”
“You're the worst.” His boyfriend scolded, but obviously didn't mean much by it, “What really got us though, was that there was a Ducklett running ahead with a bag. Strongest little thing I've ever seen, dragging it through the sand, left stuff everywhere. They were fuming, someone was chasing it but we have no idea if they got it or not. If you're looking for your friend, they might have followed the Ducklett, or at least you might find its stuff?”
“Shit, though. If we'd realised it was a mugging, we could have tried doing something.” 'The Worst' admitted with exasperation. “That's pretty scary. That could have been us...”

Speaker's ears twitched, and once the men were done giving their statements, the Pokemon's hands tugged at your sexy legs. It looked like they had heard something important! What do you do?
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