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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Sandaa: You and Phanpy make a brisk pace back down the beach, aware of the fact that Feraligatr could come round at any moment. The Pokemon at your side makes sure to keep a decent distance from the water, obviously threatened by it, and clearly not the kind of Pokemon that ventures near the beach's edge. Thankfully, the predator was still out cold on the ground, and while the tourist trap isn't as crowded as it was before, some holiday-goers had clearly decided that relaxation was worth the risk. Lunatics.

"Hey, welcome back!" Bill greeted, still guarding the scene. He had relaxed some, perched on the edge of Terra's shell. The two girls were playing in the sand, a comfortable distance from the unconscious visitor but close enough that they could grab Raphael's attention to get him to look at their sandcastles. The boy had moved, but was seemingly still content to talk Terra's ears off on various topics. Your Pokemon had made at least one friend for life, that was for sure. "Still got Phanpy with you, then? That's promising!"

You raised the topic of where to move the beastie, and the retired competitor hummed thoughtfully, "Well, there's a bunch of different places. You could just take it out to Cordina Ocean and leave it far out, but I'd suggest moving some distance east or west so it doesn't just try swimming right back. There's the Mioo Plains or Moilock Marshes, or you could go all of the way out to The Mints. I don't recommend going around the Plains or Mints for a wander without a guide, though, you could end up in real danger; but they're the best spots to leave Feraligatr. Anywhere else and he'll just find more tourists or locals to attack."

Where to now, adventurer?
Gary and Phanpy had made it back to the part of the beach where Feraligatr remained unconscious. He spotted the pair of terrapins who had remained behind, Terra and Raphael doing their best to both keep an eye on the downed Feraligatr as well as keep the family company who had been assisting Gary all this time. As he approached them, Gary waved with one hand while holding up the rope with the other. Raphael and Terra looked up, relieved to see their trainer’s return.

Bill welcomed them back and began offering Gary a list of suggestions where he could drag the Feraligatr. A number of the locations sounded appealing to Gary, but the two that stood out the most were Cordina Ocean and The Mints. Of course, the locations that he chooses should be somewhere that Feraligatr and happily exist without coming back into contact with human civilization, not wherever Gary wanted to sightsee the most next. With that in mind, The Mints seemed like the ideal destination for Feraligatr.

“I think we’ll try taking it to the Mints,” Gary told Bill, fiddling with the rope, “All we need now is to tie it up and then Raphael and I can be on our way!” He then looked over at Terra, who was still with the children. “Alright Terra, time to say goodbye to the kids! We’re heading out!” Terra nodded slowly and got to his feet to say farewell to the young boy. Gary looked down at the Phanpy next and kneeled down to its level. “Well, what do you say Phanpy? There’s a chance we might not get to come back here. If you wish to travel with us, my offer still stands!” Gary smiled softly and waited for Phanpy’s response.
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