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Sandaa: Bianca moved ahead of you so that she could embark more easily, climbing up a ladder and hoisting herself up so that she could lower a ramp for you. The floor was mostly tidy, although it was easy to see where people had been rambling or spray had marked the vessel from splash. “Thank you. I worked hard to earn her.” She said simply, glancing up at the next question. “Oh, there's a fridge over there. Just go and put some of the bottles in there. Help yourself if you want anything.”

She had pointed to a little door, which opened up into what looked almost like a foyer of sorts. There were a few more doors and a hatch-staircase that led down to the more impressive living space of the boat. It was still fancy regardless of size, and when you opened the box to run your errand, you found a few snacks and alcoholic drinks, as well as bottles of fresh water, lemonade and soda pop. The fridge, too, had things in, but Bianca hadn't given you permission to take anything, so it was either keep mitts off or become a criminal. You know which one the narrator would recommend, but that doesn't mean they would advise the right choice. Phanpy snacked on some of the ice cubes in the box, and you could hear the crunching as he refreshed himself.

Returning outdoors, the difference between the beating sun and the cool indoors was incredibly obvious. Phanpy was looking happy to be cooler, but also a bit unsure of the way that the boat gently rocked or rested on a giant vastness of salt water-- one of his greatest foes. Bianca soon returned into sight with the line of rope, rolled into neat loops. “It should hold. It's normally used for emergency escapes, so it can take a lot of weight, although it isn't super long. Just make sure that Feralgatr's actually subdued. I'm sure something like that could either snack through it or pull you or your Pokemon into its jaws given the chance.” Noted, probably. What next?
Gary carried the box up onto the boat and over to a fridge that Bianca had directed him to. As he emptied the contents of the box and loaded them into the fridge, he chuckled as Phanpy chewed on some ice cubes and struggled to grasp them in its short trunk. While Phanpy did appear a bit conspicuous, as one would imagine an elephant on a boat in the ocean would be, it looked pretty happy to have found a solution to cool off from the summer heat. With his task now complete, Gary closed the door to the fridge and returned with Phanpy to Bianca to claim his promised reward.

“All finished,” he greeted as Bianca returned with an armful of coiled rope. While it wasn’t terribly long in length, the rope made up for in strength, being tightly woven of high quality material to support a lot of weight. “Thank you very much!” Gary added, accepting the rope. “I’ll make sure I return this to you when I’m finished with it.” Bianca then warned him of the obvious dangers of toting around a very aggressive giant alligator through the water, causing Gary to smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep that in mind. In the meantime, my Blastoise is a tough customer himself, so I like our chances!”

Gary thanked Bianca again and looked to return to the sandy shore of the beach with Phanpy. All that was left now was to return to Raphael, Terra, and the others on the beach and look to find a way to secure the Feraligatr without waking it up. From there, he would need to probably ask for suggestions of a good place to deliver the giant reptile to.
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