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Missingno. Master: As you explained just a slice of your life to Jack, it became ever more clear that his life had been the safest hands possible. For all he knew, you might have been the most epic trainer to walk through the doors of the fisherman's establishment, and surely the best equipped to have dealt with the situation you all faced today. Aster especially seemed to think so, but for the meek creature, she certainly had a lot to live up to if she wanted to shine just as brightly as her fellow teammates. Could she ever hope to face opponents like that, overtake her predecessors, and make you proud...?

“A whole school of...? Are you serious?” Maie asked, appalled by the story that she had heard. Jack nodded with an exhausted sigh. “Oh, for goodness sake, we never should have let that lot take all of those lures and that boat!”
“We had to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not every big group of boys is out for a party, they normally stick to the beach.” Jack said. Maie huffed, but it soon fell into a relieved sigh.
“Well, I'm glad you're both safe. Wishiwashi are known as the demons of the sea for a reason, and in their school form, even League Assocation members sometimes turn and run if they can.” The woman explained, “Congratulations on your catch. Jack, dear, call the rangers and ask them to check the lake for us, will you? We can handle the clean up from here. Those poor things.”

With a lazy 'on it', the older man disappeared off back to do as he had been asked, and Maie stopped what she was doing for an alternate task. You wonder briefly if it was your queue to go, but instead, the lady set down what looked to be three Lure Balls. They were obviously customised, though, with a Minnaoan symbol etched onto the front of the translucent spheres, and a technical machine. “Here, for all of the trouble you went through. I'm sorry your fishing trip didn't go to plan, but I promise that they aren't all like that! If you give us a few days and come back, or ring in, we'll let you know when it's safe to go out next. In the meantime, take these as a thank you. He's acting cool, but, without you... I might have lost my Jack today and he means the world to me.”

With that sentiment, your good deeds are done for the day, and it seemed time to scoot. Your adventure booty included:

1x TM Rain Dance
3x Minnaoan Lure Ball
1x Level 12 Derp Tier Salty Sour Male Wishiwashi

Thanks for playing!
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