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(High all welcome to my fish crew! Will be taking on Alice, Jeri, Marion, and Ironthunder!~)


The distressed cries of a Pokemon deep within the cove start have you, Lauren, and Lorin concerned. The Red Beach was well populated by tourists, that was well known, so if they messed with the wild life the already unhappy native protesters would go into a frenzy. That was most certainly something that wasn't good for both the public image of the island and the island itself. Tourism was still a prime part of the island's economic growth, and if that was taken away, then soon Minnao would fade away.

Anyways, you start to hear the creature make noise again, yet however it wasn't a distressed cry. It was a song, a beautiful siren song. Yet, the Pokemon's pain can still be heard in its voice, it's beautiful melody changing pitch every so often. Looking at Lauren, the two of you nod at each other and decide to go into the cove. The rustling of your feet make the song stop, and small splashing can be heard. The Pokemon must've been startled.

Making your way into the entrance, the sight in front of your eyes bewilders you. Standing tall in its grace, the Pokemon looks at you with hurt eyes. This was not a small fish Pokemon, not at all. Its neck was long, its shell beautiful like coral, its ears spiraled and horn shining. There was no mistaking it, it was a Lapras. A small light managed to illuminate the cavern for a short period, and the Lapras glistened in the light. It almost looked as if star surrounded the noble and rare creature. Yet, when hte light shown on its skin, it was not a familiar blue hue. No, it was a deep, rich violet. Yet there was a patch of violet marred by red, and a bit of what looked like a harpoon seemed to be stuck in the poor creature's fore right flipper.

"T-That's a Lapras! Not just any Lapras, but a Shiny Lapras! The poor thing is hurt we have to help it!" Lauren exclaimed, her voice filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Lapras were rare outside of Alola, and Shiny Pokemon were even rarer. A mix of those two, now that was a ionce in a lifetime opportunity. However, the Lapras shirked at her voice, seeming scared of the strange new humans.

What do you do?


Swapping out Tenki's Silk Scarf for your Mystic Water, you try and take cover from the colossal Pokemon heading your way. The tyrant does not look pleased, especially with its native sands being drowned up by the deluge your Castform had created. Following your orders, the Pokemon starts to illuminate the cells in its body, creating a blinding flash that covered the area. The Tyranitar covers its eyes, but is too late on that front and acts a bit dizzy. Using this as an opportunity, you and Carson find shelter from the rampaging beast. Yet Tenki was not with you. You look outside to see your Castform valiantly trying to dodge the angered Pokemon's Rock Slide attack. Rocks are hurled at the cloud, with him begin able to avoid most of them due to the Tyranitar's lowered accuracy. However, some of them still hit the Forecast Pokemon, and it's knocked back a few feet.

Not in the mood to mess around, Tenki calls on the very power of the storm it has created. The Mystic Water around his neck starts to glow and rise as the cloud gathers in the raging storm. An orb of rain and thunder forms in front of the Castform, being further amplified by Tenki's new water-typing, the rain, and the mystic water. The Orb seemed as powerful as one of Kyogre's Origin Pulse orbs, and with all of his might Tenki fired it off straight into the green tyrant. It hits square on, exploding into a mass of water onto the Rock-type. The Tryanitar roars in agony, the Weather Ball wreaking havoc onto its entire body. It huffs and puffs, but is not willing to back down. It then notices you, and you feel a chill run down you spine. If looks could kill, you'd be a bloody pulp. Stomping the ground, the Tyranitar creates a prison of rocks behind you and Carson. Tenki quickly flies in front of you, and awaits your orders. There was no running now, it was time to fight for your life.

Marion Ette-

You wander the swamps, wondering what really happened to the man who was this place's namesake. It could've been simple night terrors slowly eroding the man's mind into nothing, or it could've been more. Much, much more. Whatever the cause was, there was an answer here somewhere, lurking under the murky waters. The Pokemon here seemed prone to mischief, but not all of them were tricksters. Some say a terror lives here, born from Moilock. The monster roamed the swamps, devouring the sanity of any who would cross it. Though, this could've been a tall tale to scare children from venturing into the swamp on their own.

You hear movement in the bushes, and look over to see moving vines. Something was watching you. Making your way over, you and your Spritzee look to see nothing was there. Something then grabs your foot, and you're dragged under the water. Grasping for air, you find yourself given the oxygen you need shortly afterwards. You hear shambling, and then a weird noise. Was that a... laugh? Looking behind you, you see a Tangela, it's eyes showing some type of happiness. The vine blob looked like it wanted to play with you. Even if it's idea of playing was almost murdering you.

What do you do?


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