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Sandaa: Bianca hummed, glancing at you as you took one hand off her precious cool box. Drop it and damage it and you could be in debt for life with branding and contents like that, peasant. If she actually had that thought, it didn't show, however. She seemed more impressed by the answer you gave. “That's a good idea, although it will just go around bullying Pokemon and people wherever you move it to. That's just life, though, I suppose. Let the self-righteous natives handle it if you can move it their direction.” She added in suggestion, her tone airy and yet toxic. It was obvious what side of the local conflict Bianca stood on. She was no doubt tired of protestors and religious types ruining her respite.

“Well, you already made it safe once, so you should be plenty motivated after that. I'm sure people won't forget a day like this, either, even if nobody knows who you are.” A double-edged compliment, maybe, but it depended on how you handled it. The attention from the children had been good and bad, after all, and dealing with that on a mass scale was probably not something that you, Terra or Aero would enjoy.

A little way ahead, by what looked to be a little wooden pier that didn't stretch out very far, a single yacht had been anchored. Sure, there were bigger about, but it was still clean and white and looked majestic even in its lonesome. A Milotic had been embellished on one side, and something was scrawled elegantly beneath in azure cursive. Even the sails matched, although they were currently furled away. “There she is,” Bianca said as you both made your approach, “Millobell's Crest.”
Gary tried his best to not involve himself with the politics that were going on in the places he visited. As he listened to Bianca talk, she rambled on about those who were native to the island. He had briefly heard something about protestors, and priests before, but he tried to put it out of his mind as his main focus was exploring the wildlife, not the inhabitants. Surely there was a better way to handle the situation where all sides would be happy, but at this moment Gary’s focus was on clearing the beach and the beach alone. As he held the box in his arms, he was a little curious what might be inside, but it wasn’t really his business to find out.

As Bianca claimed that today would be a day people on the island would remember forever, Gary couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “I appreciate any gratitude they might have, but that’s not why I did it in any case…” Becoming something of an unknown hero wasn’t really the angle Gary was aiming for, although if he were able to swap contact info with the professor in order to use him as a resource for his research at a later date, he would be cool with that too.

The three of them finally arrived at Bianca’s boat, which happened to be more of a yacht than a dingy. He admired the Milotic that was depicted along the ship’s side, stretching from bow to stern. “Nice boat,” he called out with a smile as they walked closer, “Where would you like me to put this box?”
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