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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Missingno. Master: Optimism was just how you rolled, poison pants out of control, and you were sure that everything would work out if you all collaborated and kept your heads held high. Aquarius dove down for another batch of lures, which would be running out so long as she didn't drop too many, which would give her time to either grab some more of the junk from the bottom or aid in your battle efforts. As it was, though, your discouraged Pokemon understood that while the monster facing them was scary and emotional, they needed to do the right thing-- which was make sure you didn't end up drowned and-or devoured.

Pisces vomits a purple goo, one that sizzled and seeped into Wishiwashi's scales. Some of it slid off into the water, fizzing and bubbling, which wasn't a surprise given how moist its outside must have been from the aqua ring. Still, if the way it reacted to Neville's venoshock was any indication, the fish's toxic had done its job, because it groaned and smacked at the water in upset. “It's working!” Jack called behind you. It was Aster's turn next, and the scared Mareanie gathered her courage before leaping from the boat to land a peck onto the opponent. It wasn't a strong move, but it was something, and everything counted when trying to outmatch the speed of the aqua ring's recovery effect. Aster propelled herself off Wishiwashi to land back onto the boat, which rocked from the force-- but that was when Jack realised that the assault on the vessel had significantly lowered since Aquarius had begun dumping lures and litter onto the wooden floor.

“Keep going! I think we can do this!” Jack said. At that, though, the Wishiwashi charged forward again. It hit Pisces with another take down, and while it hurt less than the last, the gap in strength between your water-type and the one you were fighting was great. As if to let you know that your attempt to form a gang hadn't gone unnoticed, Wishiwashi spat some brine resentfully at Aster, as if to try and deter her from coming near it again. You're clearly making progress, but this battle is something else... What do you do?
Those who knew Keith Golbatson Masters, and knew him well, knew that he was not one to give up easily, regardless of the impossibility of the circumstances. And if the imminent threat of horrific death at the metallic claws of a gigantic evil Heatran with complete control over the volcano he was inside didn't deter Keith, then what hope did this School Form Wishiwashi have of deterring him? And this optimism of Keith's, it tended to be rather contagious, at least insofar as his Pokémon were concerned. He had a way of inspiring courage and determination in his Pokémon, and now was no exception.

Indeed, as his Pokémon attacked, he could only smile and nod in response to Jack's building optimism- things really were starting to go their way. Toxic had hit, Venoshock had dealt great damage, and even Aster- Peck wasn't exactly the strongest of attacks, but considering that the opponent was poisoned, that was gonna make a huge difference. Neville wasn't the only one whose Ability was powering up his attacks in this fight- Aster's Ability was, after all, Merciless. As long as she was attacking a poisoned Pokémon, it was gonna be all critical hits, all the time.

Wishiwashi wasn't out just yet, however. The massive beast landed another Take Down on Pisces, and also spat a Brine Aster's way. The Brutal Star Pokémon cried out in pain, but looked as undeterred as her Trainer, a fact that went neither unnoticed nor unappreciated by Keith. "All right, we can do this!" Keith exclaimed. "Neville, use Venoshock once more! Aster, use your Bite attack! Pisces-"

But Pisces did not wait for orders, for the move she was about to use was something Keith didn't even know she knew. Why she was able to learn it was beyond her understanding. Maybe she was just that awesome. Maybe her training was paying off in a big way. Maybe the dire nature of the current situation got her to unlock a power most Basculin couldn't hope to. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the strong Bond she'd forged with her Trainer over time. She'd come a long way from the days of an insolent, unstable Basculin who only really listened to her Trainer if it happened to work out in her favor, and she'd long since come to respect Keith, really respect him. Seldom was the time she would act without waiting for Keith's orders, but this time, she felt the circumstances called for it, and more to the point, she felt that Keith would agree once he knew exactly what she was up to.

"Bascuuuu..." Pisces began, as she started to charge up for an attack, a powerful attack, the likes of which Keith had never before seen Pisces use... though that's not to say he'd never seen the attack in action.

"No way..." Keith murmured. "That can't be..." And at that moment, his Pokédex spoke up to confirm what he'd already guessed.

"Hydro Cannon- a Water Pokémon's strongest attack," droned the device. "The Pokémon fires an intense and high-pressure stream of water to inflict massive damage; however, the user must recharge afterwards."

"I can't believe it!" Meowth exclaimed, sounding shocked. "Pisces learned Hydro Cannon?!"

"Aw, yeah!" Keith grinned. "Coming from a Water-type with Adaptability? Even something like Wishiwashi's gonna feel that! Go, Pisces! Use Hydro Cannon!!" he exclaimed.

All the while, Aquarius continued her cleanup duties. It was a slow process, but it did seem to be calming Wishiwashi at least somewhat, so she intended to continue.

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