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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Medlan Dia: As a fledgling trainer, it was a really great day. To be under the warm rays of the sun in this beautiful place, making a critical capture after a tough battle-- perfect. On top of that, you took note of the fact that Bell and Nadie both looked stronger. Bell and Nadie had grown for their assistance in subduing Clauncher. Bell handled the attention of the children a lot better than his winged companion, and Celia pulled her judgemental gaze from the other two to hand you your other prize.

“Oh, this is for you, too, before I forget.” Celia handed over $200 that the girl had stuffed into her hand in crumpled note form. “I doubt those boys would come back so soon after Bell's infestation attack. It's pretty scary.”
“Yeah, and if they do, we'll just say our trainer friend will come back and do it again!” Simon laughed evilly, as if imagining an encore of the screaming and running.
“And if they call our bluff?” Angelica challenged.
“... We make our own Bell-friend who can do it for us?” Simon answered after a moment. Angelica struck back with a 'how do you figure to do that?!' and another family fight broke out.
“-- Anyway. You should get to the Pokemon Centre, that Clauncher took a lot of damage, and you might be able to find that girl there waiting on the Beautifly.” Celia advised. That's definitely a good idea, and one worth considering. The adventure was short, but definitely fun, and you've made some friends and fans for life if you ever considered a return! Upon arriving at the Pokemon Centre, it's easier to get some details of your new, rough-housing crustacean, and you notice that Nadie and Bell had earned three levels each! Neat.

Adventure Rewards:
1x Dive Ball Already used.
Level 12 Male Clauncher: Splash, Water Gun, Water Sport, Vice Grip, Bubble

The people of Minnao Isle were delighted that you came to visit! Now get out.
Amicae found herself chuckling once more at the twins' antics, the joy of the land easing itself into her once again. The tropical sun shimmered almost blindingly upon the river's surface, providing the only form of strife in the immediate area- not a bad change from the struggles that had just occurred here, to put it plainly. Newly made peace was always the best kind, even if the struggle was a pretty minor one. What a swell day, huh?

"Hehe, that could work! I don't think making one would be all that easy, though," she agreed cheerfully. "I've seen Bell's egg, and we humans aren't quite that skilled with silk!" Bell squeaked in curiosity, not having seen it himself, but his contribution was pretty much ignored.

Ami nodded as Celia gave her a wad of cash and a bit of advice. "Thank you very much, and will do! Be sure not to annoy each other to death, okay?" She turned and headed in the direction the other girl had, waving behind her with her pokemon following behind.

*Nadie was elevated from Lv. 21 to Lv. 24!*

*Bell was elevated from Lv. 13 to Lv. 16!*
*Bell learned Bubblebeam!*

*Gotcha! Clauncher was caught!*

*Amicae received $200!*

The first sign the children got that something was not quite right was the sight of Nadie flying back in their direction, with Ami following shortly after. "Um, sorry about this, but... I actually have no idea where the Pokemon Center is..."

*This adventure is now complete*

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