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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Medlan Dia: Indeed, the Clauncher was tired, and on his last legs. Although it was trying to hide it, he was huffing and puffing, body heaving with every breath and his movements sluggish. You agreed with Simon that his suggestion worked for you, since you had come to Cordina Peak for the same reason as many others did and will continue to do: to find a companion to join you, Nadie and Bell for the rest of your days.

Celia happily handed the sphere over to you, wishing you the best of luck-- not that you need it. If this was a game, the health bar would probably read '1'. Clauncher was confused and practically moving as if he were drunk, swinging a bigger claw to water gun away a few of the bubbles-- but most of the attack just went through the trees. The infestation was still bugging him. For all the troublemaking he caused, this relentless barrage probably made you look like an evil mastermind to the damn thing. Talk about karma and all that, maybe it'd be a lesson learned-- or he'd just spend your life-long planning revenge. Time to find out.

Between you and whatever fight the Beautifly and runaway kids gave it, Clauncher was a mess, and a well-aimed and timed throw to the back had the creature swallowed up into the Dive Ball. It was no surprise when the item barely rocked once before clicking and making a satisfying 'boof' sound. Regardless of any resentment, Clauncher probably felt relieved and needed the respite. Behind you the children cheer and come forward, and Celia claps her hands delicately.

“That was wonderful.” She complimented, and Simon nodded.
“Yeah, that was cool! You sure showed it who's boss!” He added, crouching down, “Bell's pretty strong for something so small. Look at all those other bugs!”
“Stop staring, you'll freak her out. How would you like it?” Angelica said, but Simon shrugged, happy to admire Bell anyway, “I like Nadie the most, she's got a cute nose.”

It seemed that you had saved the day, powerpuff girl. The children had even forgotten all their worries in the midst of your amazing show! What next?
A quick change of hands, a swift flight through the air, and merely a single shake was all it took to fill the ball in a matter of seconds. Wait, only one shake? It was quite the rarity for a trainer who had never truly captured a pokemon to see this happen, so it was only natural that Ami was a little dumbfounded. "Was that just... a Critical Capture?" She shook her head in disbelief and picked up the seemingly-miraculous dive ball, thanking and complimenting her pokemon as she passed. Whatever the case, it got the job done at the first try- no trainer's going to complain about that!

The woobat and dewpider looked a little sheepish under the childrens' praise, both not convinced that they were really all that great. It did take the two of them together to wear the lobster down, and that wasn't counting what the Butterfly Pokemon had done to it beforehand. Still, praise was praise was in the dewpider's eyes, so he stood strong while Nadie squirmed slightly in discomfort.

Ami couldn't help by chuckle at the groups interactions. "Actually, they're both male," she corrected. "That seems to be a common mistake for Nadie, though, so don't worry about it!" She fished the pokedex back out of her bag and held it up to her catch. "Speaking of, let's see what this one is!" She nodded as the device droned out the clauncher's stats, then pocketed both items. "Well, it would probably be a bad idea to try interacting with them while they're so weak and angry, so I'll leave'em in here until I get to a pokemon center."

She took a moment to look around and listen to the immediate area. "It seems that the mission is accomplished, but... that was quite a few people just now. I'm not sure if the Infestation was enough to scare them all off for good..." She sighed with a shrug. "Well, at least there's the chance that they won't, right?"

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