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Sandaa: You were glad to have time for the Phanpy to get used to you after all, and even more glad to have found someone with the item you needed. The brunette slipped her sunglasses over her eyes, and after packing up the rest of her things into a stylish straw tote, she began starting down the beach towards the shore.

“Oh, you're one of the guys who was fighting. And I'm Bianca.” She offered you the briefest of handshakes, veering off a bit to the right. Obviously, you and Phanpy followed. “At least we had you both there. Everyone else ran off like cowards-- not that I can really talk, but my Pokemon are more style over battle, and it would've been pointless to give those things more to beat on. Cute Phanpy.” You get the impression that she was probably a bit snooty, not entirely because of what comes out of her glossy lips, but also because of how she carried herself and spoke. Bianca exuded self-importance in spades, and if she dug herself into a hole, could probably buy herself aid back out. After all, she was rocking designer clothes and had her own boat docked. “I'm surprised nobody caught the damn thing. What's the rope for, anyway?”

Do you answer, or divert?


Medlan Dia: It wasn't so much that the Clauncher's attack stat hadn't dropped, but more that it barely mattered. It was relying on its renowned water sniping abilities given that nothing had gotten close enough for another vice grip, although it obviously wanted Nadie in one of its wonky claws. A well-timed water gun dashed through the first bubble attack, but not quite the second or the full gust. The windy move did little, and although the bubble had its boost, Clauncher's typing and carapace meant it wasn't particularly impressive. However, backed up by an assurance from the confident bat, the demoralised troublemaker was looking pretty weak.

“Quick, Ami! If you catch it, maybe you can be friends!” Simon called out from where they were huddled. It made sense, you had even been given a Dive Ball by the girl you helped (well, Celia had it, but if you asked for it she would probably hand it over rather than make an impulsive beginnings to thievery), and Cordina Peak was known for being the place where people made lifelong Pokemon friends in Minnao. Of course, if looks could kill, the Clauncher might have single-handedly murdered everything in the isles that it had come across, so there was that. Oh well, not everything could go swimmingly. As if to point that out, Clauncher fired a powerful, double jet of water at Nadie out of resentment and stubbornness. What will you do?
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