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Why do I draw? I suppose it started as a way for me to focus my ADD into something semi-productive, although I have little actual skill, particularly anything complex or alive. I do tend to have a very nice sense of adding the third dimension to some of my drawings, but mostly just when it comes to things roughly polyhedron-shaped. Adding in the fourth is something I'm not too good at, and I have a hard time doing any recording of motion. I have no sense of real scale with my eyes, probably due to brain wiring. A goal I've had for awhile was a webcomic of sorts, showing a side of gay society that tends to be more in shadows, as well as a multitude of other themes. I actually want to eventually design and open a sort of "alternative gay" site, with the purpose of showing young, impressionable teens just exploring their sexuality that orientation doesn't define identity... (yaddayadda, my apologies for tangent). But, essentially, I want to design and run a site to help and inform LGBTetc teens, their parents, and supporters.

Now, why do I write? Well, I used to hate creative writing in school. Structured writing from an assignment, my mind goes on lockdown, and I just can't manage. But, due to my ADD, I always have a million ideas floating around in my head, and I need to find creative ways to, shall we say, clear some of the voices. And voices they are, as I tend to always have a shred of any character I write through in me, whether they're a blatant avatar of myself or someone from a far different culture. It allows me to research things, learning new tidbits of information along the way, which is a specialty of mine anyway. And sometimes, I can only express things through poetry, although I tend to avoid roughly structured poems like sonnets and the other, more formulaic, styles. I either abuse or innovate slant and vowel rhymes (when I decide to rhyme at all), depending on who you'd ask. I have several goals for writing. I want to write some music, words initially, as well as rough musical accompaniment, and I want to release at least a single album in my life with my music. And, moreover, I want to write novels for the gap right between the late teen genre and what I like to call the "grow up already" genre, marketed towards those in their thirties and up. Not quite young adult, but just above it. I have several ideas, some speculative fiction mixed with historical, some that have significant fantasy element but have characters more relatable than the common stock type characters. I want to be able to make very three-dimensional characters, show the world in grey, and still make it as involving as an Animorphs or Goosebumps in when you're young: you're almost afraid to turn the page, but you can't not.

So, yes, some very long term goals. But it's good to have a dream to strive for.
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As may be expected though, our clear winner here was Kairne, ASB's champion of prioritizing the pokemon you like over those that are objectively better. I mean, one of his mains is a Watchog.
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