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Why do you draw? /write?

Well... I suppose...
My ideas. I get so many things bouncing around in my head, and I want to express them in a tangible medium which others can understand- the last part is key, seeing as I tend to describe personalities and feelings as directions and colours, which not many people understand.
When it comes to writing, I suppose I like to express my ideas. My writing rarely contains precreated characters because I like to set up my own worlds- this is why all my fanfiction is pokemon, as trainers and pokemon can have whatever personalities you wish. However, I am a bit of a romantic, and have written... I want to say my fair share of shipping fics, but I think I've written a grand total of two. And one is kinda borderline.


Become able to draw and write. [/Pluff]
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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