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I guess I'll answer my own question now. tungsten

>Why do you draw?

Because there's not a feeling in the world quite like working hard on a soon-to-be-finished piece. I love doing it. But when I asked the question last night, I asked it from the perspective of one who's freaking out a bit; I see so much amazing art and graphic design work in various places that covers so much stylistic ground that it's difficult not to think, "What the hell could I ever contribute to this? What's the point of it all?"

>do you have a particular goal or dream that you want to accomplish?

There's a ridiculous amount of stuff I'd like to be better at--figure drawing, painting (both digitally and "traditionally"), working with markers, hand lettering (I get jealous of those who can do nifty lettering or typographic pieces by hand), composition... arg ;;
I guess I'd just like to create a lot of neat stuff and, ideally, be able to do it as a career, as a more general dream goes. I get a lot of fun ideas in my head but I can't execute them.

On an unrelated note, erm can I learn the art of teleportation so I can visit this bookstore like right now? And I do love that hand-painted "Obsidian" sign.
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