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I like Concept's idea in theory because using your favorites is a selling point of ASB and know how I'd implement it but I do fear that it's gonna become TL2s or 3s bringing Absol or Drapion to every match and that will raise hell for sure.

That said, moving the bonus uplevel slot from TL6 where it's useless to TL3 or 4 sounds like a good plan.

Edit: I feel like some numbers would be good here.
TL6: 6 Pokemon
TL5: 21 Pokemon
TL4: 111 Pokemon
TL3: 155 Pokemon
TL2: 105 Pokemon
TL1: 270 Pokemon

All under the current leveling system. At TL3 you have access to all but 27 Pokemon if you include uplevels. If, like many people, your favorite pokemon is a TL4, then put an uplevel towards it. Most people pick up their favorite as a pre-evo ASAP. If your favorite pokemon happens to be one of the top 30 in ASB, then I'm sorry but TL3s do not need a Dragonite or a Lapras.

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