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I'm not entirely sure on Concept's idea but I just want to point out that:

A) Pre-evo favorites are a thing, and I know you know this because you really like Poliwhirl iirc. People's favorites aren't just limited to fully evolved Pokemon (in fact its somewhat common for fully evolved Pokemon to be less preferred than their pre-evo counterparts), and so I think your view of overall dissatisfaction is a bit skewed.

B) It doesn't take three years to get to a reasonable level. Most people generally will reach TL3 or 4 by about a year to a year and a half and that's not a bad benchmark at all honestly.

C) You still open up a bit of a can of worms in that stuff like Absol and Gyarados and no longer very out of reach for lower level trainers. Why should I use my up-level for a normal Pokemon when I can spend 10 SP (which is pretty easy to get right now) and get an Absol or a Gyarados? You are creating, again, the issues of the previous system but now with an arbitrary SP cost tacked on.

Those are just my contentions. I'm not necessarily against the idea as long as it proves to be balanced and gets newer people more involved in ASB.
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