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Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of equiall highest? I think it is also perfectly fine to bring a higher TL down to the goober's level. People will still gravitate toward certain pokemon. Aerodactyl is going to be a crowd pleaser, Absol is going to be a crowd pleaser, and anything else that happens to be ridiculously good at that particular TL level. Very few trainers stick with the average/below average pokemon as their preferred choices and actually make them work. So at any given time, then those favorite will just happen to align with the ones that are the strongest at that TL.

Don't get me wrong, an uplevel dragonite sounds pretty amazing at tl4.

Edit: Cut off this special access once you reach tl4?

At TL3, you can pay that 10 SP, and for a while you will have the advantage to gain access to a single TL5 pokemon.

At TL4, you should be pretty well rounded in terms of choices and it gives reaching TL5 some merit.

edit2: If this system comes into fruition, then this uplevel that exist outside of the trainer's range should have some sort of disobedience clause if used on the same team as a mega pokemon. If it is to give access to a favorite, lets keep that as a pure though and not as a way to gain an unfair advantage against their own TL peers.

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