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Round 1: Bees?

Two trainers walk into the clay arena the roof above blocking out all natural phenomenon. Instead lights are overhead. The two look at each other and send out their first pokemon

Wickerman the Beedrill and Mixtape the Seismitoad

Beedrill (Bug/Poison): Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. Their attacks also become more coordinated, making it harder for the foe to dodge combination attacks. In its Mega Forme, Beedrill becomes a fierce and extremely fast attacker. Its needle and spear-based attacks are 10% more effective. It is also an extremely fast flier.

[Bug]: Bug-types can see in the dark, and they have largely enhanced sight, granting them a small boost to the accuracy of their moves. Most live in warm climates, though they hate fire and dislike extreme cold. Their status inducing attacks have an extra 10% chance of inflicting statuses and the resulting statuses are slightly more potent than usual. Bug types are in general more nimble than other Pokémon, though not necessarily faster, and will quickly out manoeuvre opponents when using unconventional movement.
[Poison]: Poison-type Pokémon are immune to poisoning. Their Poison-type attacks are slightly more likely to succeed in poisoning their targets than those used by other Pokémon and the effects will be slightly more potent. They also have an additional 10% chance to poison the target when using physical attacks with their most venomous appendages


Seismitoad (Water/Ground): The lump-like structures on Seismitoad's body act as amplifiers, giving Seismitoad a boost to moves that involve sound or vibrations, including moves like Earthquake. Also, using a move, Seismitoad can cause their lumps to vibrate, giving a slight boost to their next physical attack. They may sweat poison out of their pores as a move and are familiar with the Poison type. Any Pokémon not resistant to Poison who comes into physical contact risks being poisoned. The poison stays on unless it is somehow washed off. Seismitoad are immune to their own poison produced by this method.

[Water]: Water-type Pokémon are generally able to hold their breath and/or breathe underwater. The time varies, from several rounds in the case of birds, mammals and reptiles to indefinitely for fish and squid like Pokémon. They are generally good swimmers, with fish excelling the most, and are better at manipulating Water for moves like Surf and Whirlpool than other Pokémon, using less energy to do so even outside of water. Their Surf and Whirlpool attacks do not lose potency when used without a water source.
[Ground]: Ground-type Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 0.75x the usual damage from Electric-type attacks, and will take neutral damage from Electric when wet. Ground types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. Ground-type Pokémon are more adept at manipulating outdoor and 'natural' environments than other Pokémon and will spend less energy using Dig, Earthquake etc. This allows them to use Ground attacks on any surface, with the exception of Dig. They can also cause the ground to shake more vigorously when using Earthquake and Bulldoze
Wickerman appears buzzing in the air while mixtape appears on the ground of the arena. Wickerman quickly prepares to make the first move flying down quickly gathering bug energy into his stingers crossing them to form an X. Mixtape sees his foe approaching and channels ground energy into his arms and smacks Wickerman as he makes contact with the X-Scissor. The two are pushed apart by the force of the earthquake causing damage to Wickerman.

Wickerman backs up a little more following the attack gathering energy dancing with swords increasing his attack through the roof. Meanwhile his foe gathers rock energy summoning forth rocks from below the arena which strike Wickerman for some more damage before landing on the arena.

Wickerman took a large hit, pushing him through the first. Mixtape holds alead. Both good for two

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