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Round 1: Hey Look, This is a Thing

(Sorry for the delays, work has been a nightmare)

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Sneaze
"Start off with a Secret Power then pop off a Shadow Ball."
Originally Posted by Mew
Feel him out first and bring up a Quick Charge Substitute. Afterwards, give him a blast of Psychic.

Siri makes its foray into the grassy clearing, electronic eyes scanning her surroundings in an attempt to identify the location of her mythical opponent. Having retracted its tail from sight, Mew quickly uses its energy to craft a duplicate of itself, forming a perfect likeness in order to fool any aggressor. And fool it does, as the virtual creature spots the pink hue of its prey in the thick weeds and charges at it, glowing a lighter shade of the same pink itself as she makes contact with what she believes to be the ancestral being, allowing the energy to surge through her and into her target. The stand-in for the legendary vanishes without a trace, and as the Porygon-Z attempts to locate her foes' true position, she finds herself bowled over by an invisible force that travels in a wave, whipping the grass as it passes and hurtles into the surrounding jungle. Analyzing the situation while making an angry, computerized clicking noise, the cyber duck's arms rotate to the front of her body, focusing on a single point as a dark spheroid begins to crackle and grow in the space between. With a series of beeps, Siri lets the ball loose, sending it soaring towards the Mew who deftly rolls in the air through the vegetation in an attempt to avoid it. The sphere, while somewhat off the mark, still strikes the small being on its tail as it moved to evade, causing the shadows within to burst out in all directions, following the momentum of the supposed new species Pokemon. Mew gives a cry of pain, but isn't too bothered by the blow and its tail whips back and forth as it giggles to itself, watching the rotating pieces of the Porygon-Z as it awaits its next move. Siri preforms a brief analysis of her progress so far, creating a save state as she realizes that she holds a small lead over her foe, but the battle is far from won...
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