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So here's where I'm at:
Second Island, before the big battle. Purposefully vague here in case some might consider it a spoiler. Pokémon are in mid to late twenties. Here's the thing though. I had bred Pokémon beforehand on Sun and Moon, so I had a small menagerie of choices to bring over and play. However I was informed Pokébank wouldn't be working the first few weeks so I went "never mind" and played without them. Now I'm told Pokébank works for USUM and I'm seriously debating restarting the game with some Pokémon brought over from Sun and Moon. I think I'm going to do it. I mean I'm not that far into the game anyway.

Party currently in rotation:

Rockruff, female, Lv.24 (Cherish Ball)
Own Tempo
-Rock Tomb
-Thunder Fang
-Happy Hour
(yeah, gave up on this girl when I realised I had to get up at 4 AM to evolve it.)

Brionne, male, Lv.27
-Icy Wind
-Bubble Beam
-Aqua Jet
-Disarming Voice
(Chose this starter because it was the only one I hadn't tried yet.)

Charjabug, male, Lv.27
-Bug Bite
(Never used Vikavolt, heard it was amazing though (and easier to get now).

Vullaby, female, Lv.26
Big Pecks
-Feint Attack
-Hidden Power (Ice)
(Also never used Mandibuzz before even though they've sometimes given me some trouble.)

Tauros, male, Lv.26
Anger Point (a bit contrary to a Docile nature don't you think?)
-Sleep Talk
-Horn Attack
(Never used one before. Honestly this one was more a placement filler until I got something else.)

Mudbray, male, Lv.27
-Rock Tomb
-High Horsepower
-Double Kick
(Because I didn't get to last time. And Musdale gave me some problems when facing it. Courtesy of Stamina, a mostly physical team and Full Restores.)

Bewear, male, Lv.27
-Rock Tomb
-Brick Break
-Brutal Swing
(Didn't like it at first but after it gave me some trouble in combat I'm eager to try it and it's unique ability.)

Steenee, female, Lv.25
-Rapid Spin
-Razor Leaf
-Teeter Dance
-Magical Leaf
(Why not? A Grass type might have been handy I thought?)

Remoraid, male, Lv.17
-Water Gun
-Aurora Beam
(Only just got this guy because Octillery looks interesting but I've never used one before.)

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