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Originally Posted by Ironthunder View Post
A Dose of Buckley is one of my personal favorites, mainly because he just rips the shit out of society.
Like this guys content already, reminds me of another, smaller youtuber who does things a little more professionally and 'Radio 4' like, but I'll mention him at the end of the post.

Originally Posted by Zelphon View Post
TheRPGMinx, funny youtuber who covers a lot of horror games as well as shitty games she makes fun of. She's not afraid to be mean and it's great. In spite of her massive sub count she actually has very few viewers unfortunately....
I think I'd be more into her content if her voice wasn't so unbearable. She's featured on other peoples videos like SeaNanners and GassyMexican in things like Prop Hunt and Hide and Seek, and I've always thought the ones with her in weren't as funny as the ones without. Then again, the ones without the usual crowd in (SeaNanners, GassyMexican, Chilled Chaos, EatMyDiction1, AllShamNoWow, Sp00n, Hutch, Sark) are never as entertaining.

Anyway, here's a few more that I enjoy.

iDubbbz is the exception to my 'steering clear of YT Drama', purely due to the fact that he really is the police of youtube. His content cop series focus' on picking apart other peoples channels and ripping them so hard they'll double-take on their life choices, and nobody dare respond to them because he's too smart to get beaten back. Luckily, the people he content cops deserve it in the first place, so there's that. He also makes unboxing videos, and whilst that sounds rubbish on the face of it, he makes them into something else entirely. He's basically entertaining in the rawest 'I don't care about you or anyone else I just want to make funny shit' kind of way. Recommend one of his recent unboxings, 'I hate Swedes' if you don't mind seeing a little thow-up.

This is the youtube channel I can relate to A Dose of Buckley. Except Potholer mainly focus' on taking christian science arguments and debunking them with raw facts and topping it off with a Radio 4 style delivery. He's very witty, very funny, and incredibly smart. A lot of his earlier videos focused on carbon dating and geology focused topics, which initially reeled me in, and I've kept up with him ever since. I've learned a good number of things from his videos as well, and his incredibly rational approach to arguments and debate is very respectful. I recommend his video 'How to Argue with Assholes', and I seriously recommend watching more of his content.

Okay I'm sure everyone who uses youtube has seen an episode of CinemaSins before, and if you haven't, what have you been wasting on your time on that isn't CinemaSins? Regardless of whether you love a film and you think it's perfect in every way, it'll have flaws. The great thing about CinemaSins is that you don't feel offended to see your favourite film getting ripped to shit. Often time I'll just be like 'Huh... Never noticed that...', and other times I'll be in hysterics from some of the witty one liners he cracks out. The best videos are where he rips into a notoriously bad film, particularly the Two-Part episode on 'Transformers: Age of Extinction', which we all know is a piece of shit.

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