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Puzzle 2-1 is clearly:

Spoiler: show
Two diamonds on top, one circle within a circle on the bottom

The pattern is very simple and I assume that that's why you dot dot dotted.

As for Puzzle 2-2 ...:

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Based on the columns, I theorized that it was a Tetris-style answer: when you get a dot in all four corners via summation, the board clears. So you're only ever left with remainders. This theory explains the columns nicely (when read from top to bottom) and allows a guess of all four corners being filled EXCEPT the lower-left one. But it falls apart when you look at rows. Or specifically Row 2, since it does work beautifully for Row 1. But yes, no, Row 2.
Row 2 doesn't work.

Have you tried my proposed answer yet? What did the game say?
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