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That's the right answer, and there's an easy short cut for that by simply looking at the diagonals. The problem with that is that each row is independent, and there's no relationship between vertical and diagonal columns. It just so happens in this particular puzzle, the random generator placed the jar diagonals to give a nice, suggestive relationship. But if you look at the opposite direction, there's no pattern at all, so using the diagonals is equivalent to a guess, and isn't logically derived.

If you look only at the horizontal rows, you see that two jars are close to each other, and two occupy either the top or the bottom. You can deduce that the missing one must go on top, but the idea that two of the jars should be adjacent is irrevocably contradicting and suggests that maybe one should go in the upper left.

Luckily, the answer choices just gave two on the bottom and one on the top, so I didn't have to face that decision. But this follows a similar trend from the other Super Solvers game, Treasure Mountain, which gives three clues to find a key, and says "treasures can be found under objects that fit two of the clues" but the actual objects bear little resemblance to the key's object. So, I think it's more a case of either over-thinking, or the puzzles weren't thought through.
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