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Challenge of the Ancient Empires

This is an old game, from the Super Solvers series and featuring history. Like a lot of The Learning Company games, it featured some logic puzzles splashed with some platform gaming, but I remember this game specifically because unlike the other Treasure or Super Solvers style games, this one had some very frustrating difficulty, both in the platforming and in the puzzles.

Due to the game engine's sluggish nature, and the game's slow pace, if you tried to speed up the gameplay you'd get punished and die. And, once you got through the easy part (assembling the ancient artifact) you'd be confronted with a rather difficult puzzle.

It took me a while to figure this out, and I am a hard science major with a Master's Degree. TLC intended this as a "challenge" for 6th graders. The difficulty in some areas is way out of proportion with other parts of the game, making for an odd experience where thinking you could blow through it with superior intelligence and micro skills will leave you humbled.
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